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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: Shipping 2.0
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2016 23:10:33 GMT
Jan said:
> we are tantalisingly close to shipping 2.0. There are a few docs
> items that I hope we can wrap up tomorrow, but I think we are ready
> to start a vote on a real release tarball any day now.

Personal priorities prevented me from working on these today. I hope
to have some time tomorrow to help out with the What's New and Known
Issues documents.

> First of all: thank you everyone for pitching in these last few weeks
> (your CouchDB mugs should be arriving any day now :), it’s been a
> great experience <3

My pleasure! :D

> 1. we all need to test the tarball and vote on whether they think
> this should be released ( on
> what is an Apache Release). We have a minimum voting period of 72
> hours. If we find any blocking issues during the vote, we can cancel
> the vote, fix the issue, and start over.

A reminder that at a minimum this should follow the guidelines set out
in our testing documentation:

Any actual in-context testing with your apps, libraries, etc. would
be very welcome. File tickets! At this late date we can't guarantee
any problems you find will hold up the release, but we want to track
every problem you find and triage it for future resolution.

> 4. the Windows and Mac will have to be prepared (Win seems all ready
> to go, I’ll wrap up the Mac one in time).

Yup, Win is pretty much "turn the crank" for me at this point. We also
now have the ability to sign a Win release using Apache/Symantec
infrastructure so I'll be doing that as well.

> 5. we upload all our builds onto the Apache mirroring infrastructure.
> We then need another 24 hours to get all Apache distribution mirrors
> to catch up with our new files.

I'll need help on how to do this for the Win release, or can hand it
off to you if creds can't be shared quickly enough.

> So: are we ready to roll the tarball?

Minus the docs issues I think so.

> Is there any code that needs merging that might be in a patch, a PR,
> or committed to master of one of our sub-repos, but the couchdb.git
> master rebar.config file has not been updated?

This is a reminder to myself to bump rebar.config when docs is
updated with those final changes.


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