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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: 2.0 Website Update
Date Sat, 03 Sep 2016 17:00:43 GMT

> On 03 Sep 2016, at 15:03, Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> I’ve started a modest website update for the upcoming 2.0 release:
> - new logo
> - removed textured linen background, moved to flat grey
> - new top-level marketing slogans (wip)
> - new intro texts (wip)
> - new 2.0 download section (final links TBD)
>  - I kept the 1.6.1/1.7.0 section, because people will want to be
>    able to keep downloading that
> - improved load time by serving JIRA “Submit a Bug” JavaScript include
>  from the same host as opposed to live from JIRA which tends to take
>  a few seconds. This might need updating on JIRA updates, but these
>  are rare.
> - improved “small screen” menu drop-down

New iteration, still here:

- remove headline
- add section with features and work-in-progress texts.
  - I just picked the top 6 off the top of my head, but happy to accommodate any other feature
highlights here.
  - Would love to have all of them a “further reading” link to the docs.
  - icons are the same as in the contribute section below, they need to be update/customised

    obviously. Who did the contributing ones again? :)


>    Preview here:
>    Branch here:
> TODO (needs your help):
> - I don’t know my way around @2x images in web design and I think the new logo needs
some treatment, would appreciate any designer here taking a lead on this. Feel free to just
commit on that branch.
> - finalise marketing slogans and description updates. Bikeshed away (within reason, the
main direction has been decided upon a while ago).
> - I’d like to add a few pointers to different CouchDB use-case scenarios that highlight
the awesomeness of our replication. I think the easiest of these is a short blog post series
that then can be linked to from the main website (as opposed to introduce more sections into
the single-page, or changing from single- to multi-page). My thinking here is that we want
to cover the following scenarios at least:
>  1. 3+ node CouchDB cluster, replication for inter-node updates
>  2. 3+ cloud locations, a cluster in each, for geo-distribution (closer to users, and
fault tolerance)
>  3. cloud location + 1000s+ of mobile / web clients  (w/ PouchDB and Couchbase Lite),
highlight Offline First ( strength
>  4. distributed office locations (think London, New York, Tokio), all end-users with
low-latency connections to CouchDB, all data syncing in the background, easy to open new offices,
>  5. eHealth Africa Ebola Response. Essentially 3. but more concrete, with focus on regions
with challenging network infrastructure c.f.
>  6+. <your ideas here>
>  Optional / later:
>    - case study (they heavily rely on CouchDB and replication)
>    - some big data client of Cloudant’s would be nice ;)
> All of these would just be a couple of paragraphs long, nothing too in-depth, but with
nice diagrams showing all the components and data flow.
> Who’d be up for helping with these? I’ll send you one of the sweet, exclusive CouchDB
2.0 coffee mugs :)
> // CC Jenn, would you able to coordinate this again?
> These shouldn’t take long to write, and I’m sure we can get 3 or 4 together until
next Thursday, so they can go out with the 2.0 release.
> What do you think?
> Best
> Jan
> --

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