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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject 2.0 blocker: new failing tests on Windows
Date Sat, 10 Sep 2016 19:36:24 GMT
Hi there,

About 3 weeks ago eiri added new tests to the couchdb_os_proc_pool
suite. Unfortunately, I haven't run the test suite since then, so it is
only at this late date that I discover two of the tests are failing on
Windows, blocking my ability to declare the build clean.

You can view sample output of a failed test run here:

I have a PR open to temporarily disable these tests to allow us to
proceed with a timely 2.0.0 release:

The reason for doing so is chiefly one of expediency. At the moment I am
the only Windows CouchDB developer and I simply don't have the time to
diagnose what is wrong with either the test or the process manager it is
testing. I did a bit of playing around with increasing the timeout (and
configuring eunit to give the tests more time to run than its default
5s) but the problem did not go away, suggesting the issue is more subtle
than one of slow-to-start/stop couchjs processes.

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. If I hear
nothing in the next 24 hours or so, I will merge this PR (and bump
rebar.config in the main couch repo to pick up the change).


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