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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Shipping 2.0
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2016 19:24:59 GMT
Hey all,

we are tantalisingly close to shipping 2.0. There are a few docs items that I hope we can
wrap up tomorrow, but I think we are ready to start a vote on a real release tarball any day

First of all: thank you everyone for pitching in these last few weeks (your CouchDB mugs should
be arriving any day now :), it’s been a great experience <3

* * *

Since for some of you, this might be the first time doing the dance, let me run you through
the procedure.

Once we start the vote on the tarball, a few things have to happen:

1. we all need to test the tarball and vote on whether they think this should be released
( on what is an Apache Release). We have a minimum voting
period of 72 hours. If we find any blocking issues during the vote, we can cancel the vote,
fix the issue, and start over.

2. we need to start preparing the final changes on the website (see my thread from last Saturday,
this still needs feedback), so we can launch the new site with the new release.

3. we need start preparing the official Apache press release, this can start earlier of course,
it’s just now we *need* to finish it. This needs to be done 12 hours before the final release.
Press release partners like IBM/Cloudant will need a bit more lead time.

After the vote succeeds, this is how we continue:

4. the Windows and Mac will have to be prepared (Win seems all ready to go, I’ll wrap up
the Mac one in time).

5. we upload all our builds onto the Apache mirroring infrastructure. We then need another
24 hours to get all Apache distribution mirrors to catch up with our new files.

6. we prepare a short blog post to go out pointing to the press release(s).

Then we can ship.

* * *

I’d really like a 1.7.0 release to go alongside 2.0.0, Alexander, what’s your status on

* * *

Best press-release / release-release time is Tuesday or Wednesday.

With a Thursday (now-ish) vote start we would close vote Sunday night, at which point we can
upload all builds. During Monday all the mirrors get updated and on Tuesday 6am EDT, the press
release goes out. I’d update the website and everything the night before and just let it
sit there until we start announcing things.

Since I’m just writing this email *now*, the earliest we agree on starting the process is
probably ~24 hours from now, which would bump the outline timeline by one day to next Wednesday,
which would still be fine. If we need longer, I’d suggest to bump it all by another week,
so we have enough time to get it all done.

* * *

So: are we ready to roll the tarball?

Is there any code that needs merging that might be in a patch, a PR, or committed to master
of one of our sub-repos, but the couchdb.git master rebar.config file has not been updated?

Is there any outstanding bug that we couldn’t live with fixing in 2.0.1?

Is there anything else we’ve missed?

Are you ready? :)


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