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From Robert Samuel Newson <>
Subject CouchDB 2.0 Release Candidate 4
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2016 12:11:16 GMT
Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce release candidate 4 (four) of CouchDB 2.0 \o/

Find it here:

Testing documentation here:

Changes since RC3:

> 41e529d Ref. latest doc build chain fixes
> 0b3419b couch_log test fixes
> 66ac8e1 COUCHDB-2779
> 4f6cda5 Pull in COUCHDB-3097 and COUCHDB-3099 fixes
> 53aafa9 Bump config dep
> 46460df Update Fauxton to 1.1.7 tag
> 28eb33c Consult default.d/local.d for ini files (COUCHDB-3089)
> d7b92a1 Bump couch_log for Windows test fix

A milestone not exactly noticeable from the commits: clustered db and view
_compact, cluster-wide view cleanup

Klemens: start your machine for the Docker image  of RC4 thanks! :)

Windows RC4 build available at:
* * *

As a reminder from last time: A few things that we have to do during the

- double, triple, and quadruple-check all LICENSE and NOTICE files to adhere to
ASF policy and to make sure we don’t pull in any incompatible licenses (e.g.
*GPL) as dependencies.

- docs: make sure we get up to speed with 2.0 so it makes sense
to people who get started. This is mainly adding cluster bits, as most of the
rest stays the same.

- blog post series: is going well, thanks everybody! <3

- integrate the new logo everywhere (fauxton, docs, installers, website)

- prepare website update (should make big splash about cluster and replication,
and replication-family projects)

- update breaking changes docs

- update deprecations warnings and docs
  - specifically, Alexander Shorin is working on pulling together a 1.7.0
release, that should include any deprecation warnings for things that are gone
in 2.0 and onwards (either temporarily or permanently). We should get 1.7.0 out
at the same time or before 2.0. — Alexander, what’s the state here?


P.S Thanks to Joan Touzet for assembling this summary, sent on her behalf.

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