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From "Johannes Jörg Schmidt" <>
Subject Re: Starting 2.0 Release Candidates
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2016 10:14:13 GMT
I'm so exited about the release candidate I can't tell \o/ Thank you so

I tried to install the RC on my Arch Linux system. Sadly on my machine
is Erlang version 19 installed [1] but CouchDB requires Erlang up to
version 18 but not 19 and therefore did not build.

I thought I give it a shot and changed rebar.config.script and
src/snappy/rebar.config to allow Erlang 19. The build went fine than but
CouchDB didn't start:

[ * ] Check node at ... failed: <urlopen error
[Errno 111] Connection refused>

I'm aware that this maybe was a silly try but why not :) - But what
would it take to support Erlang 19?



On 13.07.2016 18:35, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
> Dear dev@,
> it’s been about three years in the making, but I think we are now at a point where
we can start the CouchDB 2.0 release candidate phase.
> Before we set the process in stone, please give the tarball linked below a try, as if
were the CouchDB 2.0 release, and please report any issues back.
> The instructions in
(ignore the Docker bits above) should get you going with either a single-machine test cluster,
or a proper multi-node setup.
> If any of this doesn’t work or is confusing, please report back here or in JIRA.
> Without further ado:
> Happy testing and thanks in advance for your feedback!
> Best
> Jan

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