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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: New contributor need help
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2016 11:07:51 GMT
Hi Harald,

While your point is taken - we need better documentation on how to get
new developers on board - I'd like to take issue with you saying that
some tests are failing.

As far as I know, the JavaScript tests right now 100% pass on both
Linux and Windows for me and for the rest of the core development team.
You run these by typing

    $ make all javascript (Linux)


    C:\relax\couchdb> make -f all javascript

and look for all the <pass> statements (hopefully!)

If you have a failing test or tests, could you please post which ones
are failing here, and include a link to the log of your test output?
(Preferably use a site like or instead of pasting your entire logfile to the
mailing list.)

We can then help direct you at the JS file(s) you need to review to 
understand what may be wrong.

And as Jan said, please be sure you have the latest tarball to look at, 
or if you know how to use git, cloned from our apache/couchdb repository
(master branch). We've recently fixed a couple of failing tests and you
may be seeing issues we've already resolved.

Joan Touzet

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