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From "Mayya Sharipova" <>
Subject Re: Pluggable Storage Engine API
Date Thu, 23 Jun 2016 16:59:25 GMT
Hi Paul,
continuing our discussion here. You said that I need to configure the engine I open in the
{ok, Db} = couch_db:open_int(DbName, []),
     engine = {Engine, St}
} = Db,
What do you mean by configuration?  Is it the initialization you did in your tests:
{ok, Engine, St1} = test_engine_util:init_engine(),
If by configuration we mean initialization, I guess the engine gets initialized while we are
opening a db: couch_db:open_int(DbName, []),   
in couch_db_updater:
{ok, EngineState} = couch_db_engine:init(Engine, FilePath, Options).

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