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From Nuno Cruces <>
Subject Re: Post on Trigger
Date Fri, 27 May 2016 08:41:10 GMT

Sorry to cross post over couch-app, was unsure where the discussion was
going to continue.

I think this would be cool, if for no other reason so that one day Cloudant
(or a similar CouchDB based DBaaS) could trigger mobile push notifications.

It's one of those tidbits that prevents a two-tier architecture from
working for a mobile app.

Cloudant now gets me through 95% of the way, but an app server is needed
for these bits, and that needs to be managed, scaled, kept up to date, etc.


Nuno Cruces

On 2016-05-25 16:00, Reddy B. <> wrote:
> Wow shame on me, many apologizes for the delay in my reply.
> @Harry
> Thanks a lot for the pointer, I didn't know that I was able to hook into
the datbase-change event, I definitely need to read more about the changes
API, this is an interesting way to look at the problem.
> The reason I wanted to use curl was to send a request to an external
endpoint. Let's say, server A is the application server, and couch is on
server B. When a certain type of change is made to a certain type of
document, I want a certain POST request to be made to a certain server C
who will know what to do with it - to keep couch focused on data. I'm
thinking of a situation where there are a number of servers both in the
application and the database layer (but only the fact that there would be a
number of servers in the application layer, some of them having a specific
purpose is relevant here).
> I thought it could be interesting that Couchdb be directly able to do
that, so that provisioning database servers is easier since there would
only be CouchDb to install, and replication would allow to share the
"script" containing the database call to be made easily between servers.
> However if I need to poll the changes feed, I guess I'm back to square
one since my objective was to avoid polling. But here I will need to look
at the documentation first :)
> @Johs
> Thanks a lot for sharing this, this is gold !Even though I'm using
CouchDb in a 3-tiers infrastructure (we're not ready for couchapps - yet !
- as a business), and I don't like mixing concerns and putting application
logic in the database - things like POST triggers are as far I'm ready to
go - for now :) -I can see that besides these details there are two bottom
lines in what you say : either enhancing the CouchDb API to fit my needs,
or running an OS daemon and keeping the configuration stuff as JSON to take
advantage of the replication features of Couch (hopefully I understood your
point properly).
> The first one seems like an overkill I'm afraid considering my modest
needs, and the second one takes me back to polling the changes feed (the
point it to avoid polling) and making node provisioning a bit more
difficult :/ (But besides that, you opened my eyes on possibilites for
other matters that I find really cool). I'll keep studying this 2nd point:
if I can reuse this Node.js thing for other purposes and end up with only
CouchDb + Node.js in an image to suit all my needs, it might be worth it !
(But while the need doesn't go beyond these triggers, I think it would make
the architecture overly complex to win almost nothing and I'd probably
better stick to background jobs in the application layer).
> Thanks again for these ideas !
> @Jan
> Thanks a lot Jan, this looks intriguing but extremely cool. I'm not sure
it would help me on this particular issue based on what I said previously
but it definitely opens up some perspectives, and help approach this class
of problems from a different perspective.

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