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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject It’s been a great ride. Today I’m moving to MongoDB
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2016 06:45:15 GMT
Dear Apache CouchDB Community: 

as of today, I’m stepping down from all offices at the ASF: I’ll step
down as Vice President of Apache CouchDB and Apache CouchDB PMC Chair
and I’ll resign from the PMC. I’ll retain my commit bit, but don’t
expect much from me. All issues assigned to me in JIRA can be released.

tl;dr: MongoDB, Inc. has made me an offer that I cannot refuse.

The thing that excites me about CouchDB is, obviously, replication, but
I think it is SO important that I want many many more people be able to
make use of it. Also obviously, MongoDB is the most popular database by
far, so it’s a natural step to go there and add replication.

MongoDB has gotten a lot of ridicule from the industry, although the
CouchDB community has always kept it civil (“right tool for the job”),
but MongoDB 3.0’s WiredTiger storage engine is finally catching up and
their distributed systems game is getting there. I’m excited about the
sneak peeks I’ve gotten for MongoDB 4.0 and beyond!

Here’s the deal: MongoDB, Inc as hired me to bring replication to
MongoDB. I get a budget, a capable team, and you’ll see my commitment
to open source data storage solutions continued in my new position,
with exceptional code, docs, a sales team and big customers to finally
make my dent in the universe. My job is running the team, product
management for the feature, but also getting dirty with the

We don’t have a ship date yet, but in the spirit of MongoDB’s speed,
we’ll try to get something thrown together for 4.0, maybe a preview in
3.5. I’m sure it’ll be grand.

Most of all, I’m glad I’m finally done with Erlang and I can’t wait to
get back into C++!

* * *

I’d like to say thank you to each and every one of you who have worked
on or used CouchDB over the years. The interactions with the people
here are what matter most and are what I’ll remember long past any
technology we might have been working on at the time.

I’ve spent a few months short of a decade working on CouchDB, and I
have a lot to show for it, but it’s clearly time to move on.

So long, and relax!

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