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From "Eli Stevens (Gmail)" <>
Subject Re: make
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2016 23:20:37 GMT
Personally, I think that the project would benefit from having the OS
packagers get pulled in towards the project more (ideally, producing
.rpm and .deb etc. as part of the release process).

To that end (and as previously mentioned), we've contracted with Dave
Cottlehuber to produce Ubuntu 15.10/16.04 (and hopefully 12.04)
packages for 2.0 and donate the work to CouchDB. He should be back
from vacation now-ish, and hopefully will be able to start work on it
soon. I'd appreciate it if you were able to coordinate so that his
deliverables to us have a decent chance of getting merged into the
product proper.

Note also that if you're talking about releasing 2.0 final with the
above directory layout, please make it trivial to symlink things into
reasonable places. It's frustrating to work with software that put
logs into some special snowflake directory, instead of in /var/log,
and our existing hosts have partition setups that assume we don't need
to encrypt (or have room for) patient data anywhere but /var/lib.
Breaking that is going to make upgrading (and Dave's life) a lot

That said, what you propose sounds like a good first step towards
providing a clean base to do packaging work from, so I hope it works
out well.


On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 2:05 PM, Andy Wenk <> wrote:
> Just a question from aside. Are there plans to integrate multi language docs? I know
that we always wanted to work on that but we never found a solution to do it right.
> I am also +1 on your way to do it Jan …
> Cheers
> Andy
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> Andy Wenk
> Hamburg - Germany
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>> On 30 Mar 2016, at 22:19, Joan Touzet <> wrote:
>> Agreed, good enough for now.
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>>> From: "Jan Lehnardt" <>
>>> To: " Developers" <>
>>> Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 3:57:01 PM
>>> Subject: make
>>> Hey all,
>>> last year I endeavoured to make the 2.0 build system to behave as
>>> close to 1.x as possible.
>>> We’re 80% there, but the remaining 80% prove hard, of course. Without
>>> going too much into the details, the missing parts are the
>>> integration with all the different operating systems. Stuff that
>>> takes years to get right (even with autotools in 1.x it took us
>>> quite some time).
>>> To keep it short: I don’t want to hold up 2.0 for this work. It can
>>> be easily (re-)added later, and the intermediate solution allows us
>>> to ship 2.0 sooner (yay).
>>> My current plan is to have `./configure && make` produce a directory
>>> `./apache-couchdb-<version>` that includes a full CouchDB build,
>>> Fauxton, Docs, etc. that can be moved into the OS anywhere (say
>>> `/usr/local`) and run from there, and everything: logs, data files,
>>> sources, ini files, are in that directory, and there is no way to
>>> move them out (maybe via symlinks, but I don’t care ;) into a
>>> standard file system layout (config files under [/usr/local]/etc,
>>> data files into [/usr/local]/var/lib etc. There won’t be a `make
>>> install` (maybe a dummy that prints an explanation of how to do the
>>> install, and why the target isn’t there).
>>> This shouldn’t be a lot of work and I’ll try to work on this asap.
>>> Let me know what you think!
>>> Best
>>> Jan
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