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From Clemens Stolle <>
Subject Re: Docker
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2016 12:29:15 GMT
Hey Kerr,
Jan summarized it pretty well. For more information you can check out this github issue:
Basically, klaemo/docker-couchdb == apache/couchdb-docker until the move is complete. Then
klaemo/docker-couchdb will slowly fade away and no one will remember it haha.

The Dockerfile in apache/couchdb is strictly for development of CouchDB itself. There is a
pull request for it which could be merged *nudge

Concerning your problems with the dockerized 2.0-dev, there are indeed some weird unresolved
startup issues. Please check out maybe
you can even provide some insight.

The current 2.0-dev image is for testing, not for production use. You’re right that we won’t
be running multiple nodes in one container normally. We might need to explore different patterns
and ways of distribution for 2.0 because if its clustered setup.

Thanks for you interest!


> Am 14.01.2016 um 12:53 schrieb Jan Lehnardt <>:
> Heya Kerr,
> thanks for writing!
>> On 13 Jan 2016, at 14:43, Kerr Rainey <> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I’ve not looked at CouchDB for a long time and it’s great to see 2.0 getting
a bit of movement. Fantastic job everyone!
> Thank you :)
>> I’ve been messing about with CouchDB in docker and have a few questions.
>> I see that there is a dockerfile in the main apache/couchdb repo as well as everything
in the apache/couchdb-docker repo. Both have been updated recently. Do they have different
defined purposes? I can see the actual differences, but I’m wondering what the plan is here.
> In rough terms, the apache/couchdb/Dockerfile is to get someone, who wants to write a
patch for CouchDB, up and running quickly without having to mess with installing the right
Erlang version and whatnot. apache/couchdb-docker is more for production deployments.
>> With regard to the apache/couchdb-docker repo, at a glance it looks identical to
the klaemo/docker-couchdb  "🐳Source of the official Apache CouchDB Docker image” repo.
I’m a little hazy on the github details here in terms of forks and how these are linked.
Clearly Clemens is doing the bulk (all?) of the work here (great job, thanks), and the activity
seems to happening “over there”. I notice also that the request to docker-library/official-images
for the official CouchDB Docker images point to klaemo/docker-couchdb. This seems a little
confusing to me. Am I missing something? Planed, just not there yet?
> This is mostly an infrastructure situation. klaemo/docker-couchdb was donated to the
ASF by klaemo and is now tracked at apache/couchdb-docker. However, ASF infra is not yet 100%
ready to just take over GitHub projects 1:1, and we’d love to move everything over including
issues and all, and that’s still being worked on. So for the time being, we have both.
>> Finally, obviously there are many scenarios for dockerizing couchdb, and it looks
like the current dev one is geared to testing out a little cluster, which is probably what
we need right now. For production I suspect that it would rarely be a good idea to have more
than one CouchDB server running in a single container. Presumably we could explore some good
patterns for production deployments of couchdb in docker and have those images readily available.
> Definitely!
>> I’m actually having a problem running klaemo/couchdb:2.0-dev image, failing to
start because of a connection error [Errno 111] while running cluster setup (not the expected
error when check nodes). I’ve not dug into it yet, but please shout if it’s a known issue.
> A few connection errors are expected (this is a cluster starting and a while/sleep loop
checking if a node made it up yet), does it eventually finish, or do you get only connection
errors after start up? Can you paste a log somewhere?
> Best
> Jan
> -- 
>> Cheers
>> Kerr
>> --
>> Kerr Rainey

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