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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject [2.0] Release Plan
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2015 16:19:11 GMT
Hey all,

I know everyone is busy, but I’d love to get some form of 2.0 release out before the holidays.

Here’s a proposal:

## Preface

2.0 is in decent shape, but we know a few things are missing*. We also know that unless we
give this to a wider audience, we’ll never find all of the issues.

+ the ones rnewson mentioned in his previous mail.

## The Plan

1. Find someone who’s willing to run the release process.
  - At this point this should be along the lines of:
    1. Build CouchDB locally.
    2. Run `make dist`.
    3. Upload resulting tarball somewhere.

(I have this semi-automated on my old Jenkins install, maybe this is enough for the time being.)

2. Announce the tarball as “Apache CouchDB 2.0 alpha-git-hash”** in these places:
- here on dev@
- user@
- on the website
- weekly news
- social media

Along with the tarball, we explain where people can report issues and get help (user@, dev@
or IRC)

3. fix issues as people report them


Once we have addressed all known issues, we start calling the release “Apache CouchDB 2.0

During the beta period, we should start talking to client library maintainers and OS package
managers, to start the work required to support 2.0, if they haven’t done this already.

** Note: these are just tarballs we put out, they are not official Apache releases. Those
need a vote and everything. That comes after the betas.

Once we are satisfied with the betas, we should start doing proper, voted-on Apache releases
for “Apache CouchDB 2.0 release candidate [1-N]” and get widest possible testing for those
and eventually designate one of them as the final release.

* * *

How does this sound? Am I missing something? Is this too simple, or too complicated? Thanks
for your feedback, bikesheds welcome!


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