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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject CouchDB 1.7.0 Roadmap
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2015 15:05:09 GMT
Dear CouchDB team,

While we're all working on 2.0 is in progress, I fear that we'll end
this year without a single release. Technically, there is only one
month left till 2016 excluding holidays, but let's be honest - that's
not enough for 2.0. So I propose the plan for 1.7 release to not end
this year with empty list.

There are a couple of important changes that we have for it and users
are waiting for. Primary is the Erlang 18 compatibility, but not only.

What we already have on 1.x.x branch:

- COUCHDB-1011: replicate by document ids from futon
- COUCHDB-1275: decode database names in recent used list
- COUCHDB-2225 Enforce that shared libraries can be built by the system
- COUCHDB-2430: Disable Nagle's algorithm
- COUCHDB-2583: fix connection dropping by the resources which doesn't
require any payload
- COUCHDB-2761: Support glibc >= 2.20
- COUCHDB-2783: Bind both to IPv4 and IPv6
- Futon: Fixed potential XSS issue in jquery.ui
- jquery.couch: Fixed document copying
- sslv3 support is deprecated
- Support for user configurable SSL ciphers
- Multiple minor documentation fixes
- Support Erlang 18

What we can backport without worry:

- COUCHDB-1356: Return username on POST to /_session
- COUCHDB-1447: X-Couch-* headers missed if custom headers were returned
- COUCHDB-1964: eunit test suite
- COUCHDB-2310: /db/_bulk_get
- COUCHDB-2375: Respond with HTTP 400 Bad Request on invalid revision number
- COUCHDB-2534: db security should respect authed users
- COUCHDB-2732: Use thread local storage for couch_ejson_compare NIF
- COUCHDB-2752: Validate Host header
- COUCHDB-2873: Update snappy to 1.1.3
- Multiple improvements that we have for replicator

What I would like to add:

- COUCHDB-2722: Keys from rewrited query params should be blank when
not specified in the URI
- COUCHDB-2874: Rewrites via query server
- COUCHDB-2877: Return nicer error for bad Authorization header
- Deprecation of /_log
- Deprecation of OAuth auth
- Enable CORS by default:
- Remove Fauxton - AFAIK, it supports 1.x no more and current version
in 1.x.x branch is heavily outdated.
- Mark this release as LTS with short (really) cycle of bug fixes ship

- Add systemd notification support.

May be we can also include else experimental features, like JWT and/or
Delegated auth. Personally, I would like to see them, but it's all up
to you Klaus and Jan (;

But even without these experimental features, we have quite long list
of changes to ship.

The plan is simple: for November get all from backport and add lists
into 1.x.x branch and ship 1.7 in first half of December. Quite good
Christmas Eve present for everyone. Personal deadlines 30th November
and 20th December respectively.

Since "everyone is busy on 2.0" I'll take care of this.

P.S. If someone has else important bugfixes on mind to include, please
drop a notice. For 2.0 we have ETOOMANY useful changes, but I would
like to stop only on really important ones. Like replicator ones as I


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