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From Johannes Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: A Plan: Remove pre-commit, jshint, code style requirements from couchdb-nano
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2015 12:27:37 GMT
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Hi Jason,

I support your plan. I think one of the main reasons behind this
coverage contract [1] was to render the maintainer useless :) But
these pre commit hooks also have bugged me in the past.



On 15.09.2015 14:08, Jason Smith wrote:
> Hi, list!
> I want to share my plan for preparing to work on couchdb-nano.
> Briefly, I want to fix a thing or two in the project, but I think a
> more urgent change is the pre-commit hooks enforcing coding style
> and test coverage.
> The Nano project has several brilliant checks that it can do: 
>  However, now that it is under the Apache CouchDB umbrella, I think
> these checks are overkill. AFAIK, no other parts of the CouchDB
> project enforce a particular style, certainly not as a condition to
> commit.
> For example, here is a rejection by attempting to commit a single
> blank line. (TL;DR
> a huge test suite runs, fails for some reason, and the commit is
> rejected).
> A gem of the Nano project is that all of its http interactions are
> mocked. You can run the entire test suite from a simple git clone
> (plus npm install for dependencies). I would like to embrace that
> characteristic. If contributors waiver on the style or test
> coverage, the maintainers can shoulder that burden (for example, by
> committing to the contribution, lowering the minimum coverage
> threshold, ha ha ha!).
> Really, I am sending this email because it is a departure from the 
> dscape/nano philosophy. I think the world of Nano and its
> community. Nuno is brilliant, and the Nano community is brilliant.
> I don't wan to--sort of betray my gurus; but on the other hand,
> whoo boy, it's a bit much.

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