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From Robert Kowalski <>
Subject CouchDB got 100% slower in the past 3 weeks
Date Sun, 30 Aug 2015 21:15:14 GMT
Hi list,

I got pinged as our friends from PouchDB notices that their testsuite
with CouchDB 2 as a backend suddenly takes 100% longer (20mins instead
of 10). [1] Because the diff was so significant I got really curious
and worried about it.

This testsuite just took 10min (22 days old)

vs (yesterday)

which took like the other runs these days 20min.

I wasn't really sure, maybe the travis VMs changed. Or Pouch.

Based on the report I created a few flamegraphs to poke around what
changed in CouchDBs internals. They look quite different to the ones I
created in the past weeks:

this flamegraphs shows the update of a doc. couch-epi takes 33% of the
time and blocks.

in this flamegraph I receive a document. I have 3 blocking calls to
couch_epi, adding up to 21% time of the request.

The report from Nolan (perf decrease of 100% in a timeframe from 3
weeks) fits into the timeframe where we added couch_epi. As almost
every module uses couch_epi the performance decrease of almost all
APIs also fits into the scheme. And I think the flamegraphs show that
the additional time is spent in couch_epi.

- I see that couch_epi uses the codeserver internally, would it be
possible to use faster ETS tables?
- Anything else we could do?



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