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From "Eli Stevens (Gmail)" <>
Subject Re: Project Fauxton Feedback
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2015 22:10:14 GMT
Hi Michelle,

Overall, sounds great. I'll reply inline where needed:

On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 10:58 AM, Michelle Phung <> wrote:
> Feedback #2: Default _all_docs page doesn’t show enough relevant information
>         Fair enough, this is something I think we should default with include_docs=true,
but apparently it breaks some people’s browsers because the content of the data is extremely
large. I’d like to revisit this idea though.

IMHO it's less "not enough relevant info" and more "uses far too much
space for the information it does show." I think that directly cloning
the futon futon two-column view rendering is a good start, except:

- Include quotes on keys (as talked about below)
- Pretty-print the value

Note that I'm being explicit about showing the *value*; not the *doc*
when talking about include_docs=true. I could see having there be a
checkbox to add a 3rd column so that it renders key+id / value / doc,
but IMO it should default to off for the reasons you mention (having a
4k doc repeated 20 times on the page would kinda suck).

> Feedback #3: Colors
>         This is sensitive topic, and I learned this when I first started working in industry
a few years ago: don’t question the colors.
>         And then **definitely, without a doubt** do not use coding skills to change other
peoples colors :)
>         I’m glad you mentioned it so I didn’t have to.
>         What I’m hearing is that you’d like the text colors to be consistent across
the UI.
>         And that it’s disorienting to switch background contexts that quickly.

Yep, exactly. The hamburger being dark while the rest of the UI is
light is fine.

> Feedback #4:  There's no obvious way to get to a nicely-rendered document overview.
>         > —  Could you expand on this? I’m not getting a clear idea of the problem
— <
>         Also RE:
>>        I really want to click on the red ID 5d964eab30b5656190b416bff6210b69 header
>         You can double click on the document ‘card’, and it will take you to the
full page editor!
>         Not very intuitive, but once Kxepal told me it was possible, I love it, I do
the double click all the time now :D
>         FWIW, I would also like the ability to directly edit the document ‘card’,
from the _all_docs page.
>         I think that would be neat.

The discoverability of the double-click handler is low. I don't know
how to learn that's the case without someone telling me.

I'm asking for something like the futon doc editor, where it's
possible to edit the individual document fields one at a time, rather
than the whole doc. Having to do the whole doc at once is painful when
the doc is 4k lines long (see my earlier gist).

> Feedback #8: Query Options
>         Interesting. I had not considered putting Query Options in the View Sidebar.
>         I had a proposal to bring a duplicate button for include_docs=true option from
the tray, and into the top of document cards area. Query Options can effect different types
of calls, but it’s an interesting idea to have it built into the views sidebar. As I am
thinking about this, I am liking the idea more and more. We could make a component out of
it, and use it everywhere that needs query options.

Nailing this could be a big enough deal-maker to override my earlier
deal-breakers.  :)

> Cloudant has a new team of designers. They are new, and are just learning about CouchDB/Cloudant.
We’ve asked them to take a look at CouchDB and how it could be better. They are interested
in feedback, but for a different reason from what I’ve asked the mailing list for. I just
wanted somethings to put into my presentation, but I am also very excited that I am getting
this type of in-depth feedback! It’s really refreshing to hear.

Glad my feedback is "refreshing" and not "pushy."  I manage software
engineers for my day job, and it can be difficult to remove the
imperative tone sometimes.

> I hope I got everything.
> Thanks for your thoughts Eli :)

Any time.  :)  Where should I be listening to hear about when new
fauxton releases have happened?  I want to make sure I update my local
install promptly.


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