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From Michelle Phung <>
Subject Re: [COUCHDB-2214] Dashboard as main page
Date Fri, 22 May 2015 19:00:03 GMT
Hi Dulanga,

I took a quick peek, and it looks like your widget is receiving information! Thats great :)

To get a persistent Active Task:
	1. Go to Replications tab (in the left most sidebar),
	2. You will see two tabs, make sure that LOCAL is highlighted in red on both
	3. Choose an existing database from the dropdown, 
		the database you choose doesn’t need to have that many documents in it (even 1 document
will suffice), 
		and type in any name you want for a new database in the other text field
	4. Click both checkboxes (Continuous and Create target)
	5. Click Replicate (green button)
	6. Click on Active Task tab (on the far left sidebar)
	7. Under the ‘Active Tasks’ tab, you should see a table for your new created continuous
replication, and it will stay there until you cancel it.
I haven’t had a chance to look at the code yet, but I am glad to see that you are hitting
the correct end points, with the widget. 

I have attached what it looks like so far on my screen.  Awesome progress so far :)

Let me know when you want to create different types Active Tasks, to see how they would look
in the widget.

Another thing I noticed is that the widget CSS in with CouchDB 2.0 in unwieldy. So, this is
*optional* for you, but we are planning on releasing 2.0 soon-ish, so it would be a nice thing
if you could update your system so you are coding with the most developer preview version,
so that in case 2.0 gets released during the summer, you won’t have to go back and change
it again. CSS is tricky enough as it is. 

There are several things I can think of for you to do, but don’t want to overwhelm you,
plus I think your proposal and the JIRA ticket is a good guide for the next steps. If you’re
unsure, let us know what you think the next steps are, and we’ll try to guide you. There
are some known pitfalls :) but don’t worry we all help each other out of them. 

- Michelle

Link to the JIRA for quick reference:
This is exciting.

- Michelle

> On May 22, 2015, at 1:26 PM, Michelle Phung <> wrote:
> Hi Dulanga,
> Probably the easiest (and fastest way) way for us to give feedback would be for you to
open a PR. That way we can comment on the code inline, and we can pull the repo down and see
how it works in our environment faster.
> I’ll pull your branch now, and take a look, but if you want more people to review and
the easiest thing you can do is open a PR. That would help us out. It’s okay that it’s
not an actual pull request, you can put [WIP] in the title and people are kind enough to know
that work-in-progress means it’s not ready yet. Personally, as a developer, I rarely look
at the WIP branches, unless I have a reason, like a request to do so.
> - Michelle
>> On May 21, 2015, at 3:14 PM, Dulanga Sashika <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I implemented the first widget in the dashboard. You can find it in
>> I didn't send a PR since I need to test the functionality more. I couldn't
>> generate any active tasks to test this. Michelle told me about two way to
>> generate active tasks. Now I am trying to do that. If you have any
>> suggestions to do it in easy way, please help me. And really sorry for the
>> late reply.
>> Cheers :)
>> On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 7:33 PM, Robert Kowalski <> wrote:
>>> Hi Dulanga, Hi Nadeeshaan,
>>> welcome! :)
>>> Michelle, Ben and me will mentor this summer. And the community
>>> bonding period just started!
>>> We will help you regarding the design of your widgets and revision
>>> browser and we will try to provide feedback on your code on a daily
>>> basis - that means that we either will comment on your branch on
>>> GitHub or an open PR on a daily basis.
>>> You might already know that writing unit and integration tests is an
>>> absolute must for getting code merged into master.
>>> The goal is to make small steps in an iterative way and get the MVP
>>> merged as soon as possible. After that we will iterate and can add
>>> more features. This ensures we have first results our users can make
>>> use of very early in the process and don't have to throw all code away
>>> if we run out of time.
>>> Please use the time to learn more about Apache CouchDB, read:
>>> -
>>> -
>>> We will invite you to our Fauxton standup next week or the following
>>> one, I will contact you a few days before. It is 16:00 (Berlin
>>> Timezone) on Google Hangouts.
>>> Best,
>>> Robert
>>> On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 6:03 AM, Dulanga Sashika <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Dear all,
>>>> Thank you very much for supporting me to achieve this success in GSoC
>>> 2015.
>>>> I will not get accepted for GSoC 2015 without all your great help.
>>> Special
>>>> thanks should go to Robert and Alexander who guide me really well and
>>> help
>>>> me to understand the project and create a good proposal for the project.
>>>> Looking forward to start the project and working with you all. Thank you
>>>> very much again.
>>>> Thank you
>>>> On Sun, Apr 5, 2015 at 11:08 AM, Dulanga Sashika <>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Problem solved :) thank you very much for the help Robert.
>>>>> On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 11:54 PM, Robert Kowalski <>
>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi Dulanga,
>>>>>> Given you named your module `documents` you must have your main less
>>>>>> file for the module in `assets/less` and name it `documents.less`.
>>>>>> Example:
>>>>>> On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 7:54 PM, Dulanga Sashika <>
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi Robert,
>>>>>>> By following given links and playing around with the code, I
>>>>>>> successfully implement a react component and display a text in
>>>>>>> dashboard. I added a new dashboard.less file to apply styles
>>> that.
>>>>>> But
>>>>>>> it didn't work. Is there any configurations to do before using
>>>>>> less
>>>>>>> files for the styles? As a next step, I am hoping to implement
>>>>>> complex
>>>>>>> components. Specially, some movable items with add and remove
>>> features
>>>>>> as
>>>>>>> Alex suggested.
>>>>>>> Best Regards
>>>>>>> On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 12:49 AM, Dulanga Sashika <
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>> Thank you very much for your valuable ideas Alex. As we discussed
>>>>>>>> IRC, I will move into implementing basic structure of the
>>>>>>>> rather than bothering about widget design. After doing that,
we can
>>> go
>>>>>>>> into widgets.
>>>>>>>> Cheers
>>>>>>>> On 3/27/15, Alexander Shorin <> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> On Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 11:00 PM, Dulanga Sashika <
>>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> 1. Widgets customization button shouldn't consume so
much valuable
>>>>>> space.
>>>>>>>>> 2. These buttons are duplicates sidebar menu items without
>>> any
>>>>>>>>> benefits.
>>>>>>>>> 3. 10 active replication are cool, but which are there?
I to get
>>> this
>>>>>>>>> I need to click more which isn't much different from
click on
>>> Active
>>>>>>>>> Tasks sidebar menu item and select filter by replication
>>>>>>>>> Dashboard should just works and not require any actions
from use
>>>>>> side.
>>>>>>>>> If user click on widget and leaves it - dashboard main
goal is
>>>>>> failed.
>>>>>>>>> 4. Active tasks are already running (: There couldn't
be active
>>>>>>>>> stopped ones. Also, here you can show active replications
and add
>>>>>> some
>>>>>>>>> filter. Yes, it will duplicate an active tasks page at
>>> points,
>>>>>>>>> but the difference is in short summary of the recent
>>> shaped
>>>>>>>>> into compact form.
>>>>>>>>> 5. Recently visited databases cool, but are they be only
4? May
>>> be 10
>>>>>>>>> or 20? How about search field to filter this list as
>>>>>>>>> 6. Again button that leads to some other page. Why not
just a
>>> simple
>>>>>>>>> list users and a form to search and register new ones?
>>>>>>>>> 7. Same problem. Why not a form to instantly run a replication?
>>> If it
>>>>>>>>> will be a replication widget, it could also steal a part
>>> features
>>>>>>>>> from active tasks widget to show only replications.
>>>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>>>> ,,,^..^,,,
>>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>>> W. A. Dulanga Sashika,
>>>>>>>> Undergraduate Student,
>>>>>>>> Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
>>>>>>>> University of Moratuwa.
>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>> W. A. Dulanga Sashika,
>>>>>>> Undergraduate Student,
>>>>>>> Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
>>>>>>> University of Moratuwa.
>>>>> --
>>>>> W. A. Dulanga Sashika,
>>>>> Undergraduate Student,
>>>>> Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
>>>>> University of Moratuwa.
>>>> --
>>>> W. A. Dulanga Sashika,
>>>> Undergraduate Student,
>>>> Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
>>>> University of Moratuwa.
>> -- 
>> W. A. Dulanga Sashika,
>> Undergraduate Student,
>> Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
>> University of Moratuwa.

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