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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Jan bias for Hoodie brought him to eradicate couchapps?!?!
Date Thu, 07 May 2015 11:15:58 GMT

I'd appreciate it if you'd lay off the personal attacks. I have nothing but the best interests
of CouchDB in mind. If you are arguing against me, start from that premise.


> On 07.05.2015, at 05:13, Giovanni Lenzi <> wrote:
> Jan.. don't you think you are simply too biased for external projects, such
> as your hoodie and pouchdb, to choose by your own, on a topic like
> 'retiring couchapps', so important to couchdb users and devs?
> You REALLY can't mask it behind a marketing@ decision, of finding a story
> you have already written, since a long time, and that you simply don'want
> to change. Your story of the "data where you need it", does not have users
> and industries consensus. You can't hide it!
> You started with changing tooling names, sutting down couchapp domains and
> forcing our company to change our old couchappy name (even if couchapp
> wasn't even a trademark). We did it, because you promised visibility to us
> and couchapps, which has never happened. We believed in your words and in
> an healty pmc, but after this last move, we really can't think it anymore.
> Couchapps are now much more powerful than they were in the past, also
> thanks to our smileupps tutorials and app store platform, and to many other
> improvements proposal already advanced by users, who instead would like to
> improve them, not the contrary!!!
> Your chance now is to completely eradicate a main recruiting couchdb
> feature, before users can get aware of its potential, leading couchdb
> towards a probable self-killing action. And the worst is you are doing
> this, without any proven evidence and motivation, withouth asking devs of
> its development complexity, and users what they think about it.
> I definetely think you should:
> 1. HEAR YOUR COMMUNITY AND DEVS.. and if the consensus is 'don't remove
> couchapps, but push them with aggressive marketing'.. well then.. just do
> it!
> 2. Don't mark it absolutely as a marketing issue
> And you sould do this, before this could really be faced in front of the
> ASF board.

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