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From madhuka udantha <>
Subject Re: [GSOC 2015] COUCHDB-2605 Visualize the CouchDB Cluster
Date Sun, 22 Mar 2015 18:21:22 GMT

Here are the mockup UIs for Visualizing the CouchDB Clusters. It is just
the initial UIs.

* Page 1-cluster.png* [

This Page visualize nodes in the clusters with summary information for each
node. (Name, Memory usage..etc..) with a nice web UI interface. It is
interactive (drag and drop supporting over nodes)

*Page 2-cluster-notification-tip.png [*

Top of each panel of the nodes it contains a notification icon if there is
eg: Memory/disk space availability, Error in node etc...
Notification will have a simple drop down structure as it is showing.

*Page 3-cluster-warning.png* []

Critical level alert is showen. (Alert level can be set in config and
notification center)

*Page 4-adding-new-node.png* []

By clicking "add new node" you can add new nodes for clusters. UI
Consistency is maintained

*Page 5-adding-new-node-by-drag-drop.png*[]

User interface is supported for drag-drop of databases in nodes.
(replication operation in the BE)

*Page 6-selected-db-in-node.png*[]
Each node shows the databases in it. By Clicking on database you can see
detailed view of a particular database. This allows users to understand
memory/data/doc distribution over DBs in particular nodes.

*Page 7-custer-mgt-center.png* []
Each node is shown with disk usage under icon and summary text of the node
is also given. It is easy to identify the disk space - free
availability. (In here we need some BE services help)

*Page 8-custer-mgt-center-infor.png* []
User can customize notifications for each nodes by level (warning, infor,

*Page 9-charting-disk-usages.png*[]
Cluster usage of the system is shown as a bar chart and the attributes to
be shown can be selected according to user's preferences.

You ideas are welcome in here.

On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 7:34 PM, madhuka udantha <>

> Hi All,
> As I'm drafting my proposal for GSoC 2015 I went through some of the
> existing Cluster Management Systems with Visualization. I recognized some
> of the features regarding to Cluster Management HTTP API. (Some times not
> fully documented yet)
>      Such us partitioning, re-balance..etc.
> I was unable to find them on CouchDB API Documentation(only at the
> implemented level but not documented yet? ) but I was able to find some of
> the features such as adding nodes to clusters through dev-mailing list.
> Are some of these features regarding cluster management present on the
> API. If so where can I find the relevant documentations/resources? Even
> the source code is fine to me.
> Since I was able to clearly identify those missing features can I start a
> discussion on a thread on the best feature list for cluster management on
> CouchDB to be added to it on a future release.
> My current project could also include these features that are supported by
> the API else I could help on including them.
> [1]
> Thanks.
> BR,
> On Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 11:40 AM, madhuka udantha <
>> wrote:
>> On Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 12:17 AM, Alexander Shorin <>
>> wrote:
>>> On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 9:28 PM, madhuka udantha
>>> <> wrote:
>>> > I like to know what is *different of '_nodes' and 'node'*?
>>> >
>>> > http://localhost:15986/nodes -->{"db_name":"nodes","doc_count":3..}
>>> > http://localhost:25986/nodes -->{"db_name":"nodes","doc_count":1..}
>>> > http://localhost:35986/nodes
>>> -->{"error":"not_found","reason":"no_db_file"}
>>> Where did you get these nodes?
>> By '~/test/1/couchdb $ dev/run -n 4' I can added 4 nodes. (default it is
>> 3 nodes)
>> Here is my console print, Yes now I have four node running.
>> *max@max-VirtualBox ~/test/1/couchdb $ dev/run -n 4*
>> *Setup environment... ok*
>> *Ensure CouchDB is built... ok*
>> *Prepare configuration files... ok*
>> *Start node node1... ok*
>> *Start node node2... ok*
>> *Start node node3... ok*
>> *Start node node4... ok*
>> *Ensure all nodes are run... ok*
>> *Join nodes into cluster... ok*
>> *Developers cluster is set up at
>> <>. Time to hack!... *
>> Each above nodes are running in localhost in port 15986, 25986, 35986 and
>> 45986
>> It seems docs are mainly in 15986 (node1) shown by 'doc_count' value,
>> is there any reason for that or is it happening randomly?
>>> --
>>> ,,,^..^,,,
>> --
>> Cheers,
>> Madhuka Udantha
> --
> Cheers,
> Madhuka Udantha

Madhuka Udantha

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