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From kxepal <>
Subject [GitHub] couchdb-documentation pull request: Small grammar fixes
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2015 23:14:56 GMT
Github user kxepal commented on the pull request:
    Thanks a lot for your fixes! However, this change causes breaks [style guidlines](
in many ways.
    Here is a full list of problems:
      line 123 : too long (84 > 80) line
        Changes Feed, the Replicator doesn't close the connection, but awaits new change
      line 144 : too long (81 > 80) line
    HTTP endpoints, and run requests with the same parameters to provide a completely
      line 148 : too long (81 > 80) line
    or Pull Replication. However, while such solutions could also run the Replication
      line 250 : trailing whitespace detected!
    In case of a non-existent Target, the Replicator MAY make a :put:`/{db}` 
      line 278 : trailing whitespace detected!
    :statuscode:`401` or a :statuscode:`403` error. Such errors SHOULD be expected 
      line 514 : trailing whitespace detected!
    The Replication ID generation algorithm is implementation specific. Whatever 
      line 516 : too long (83 > 80) line
    Replicator, for example, uses the following factors in generating a Replication ID:
      line 538 : too long (82 > 80) line
    the Replication Log from both Source and Target using :get:`/{db}/_local/{docid}`:
      line 671 : too long (89 > 80) line
    then the Replicator MUST determine their common ancestry by following the next algorithm:
      line 677 : too long (87 > 80) line
    - In case of mismatch, iterate over the ``history`` collection to search for the latest
      line 750 : too long (84 > 80) line
    the Source's :ref:`Changes Feed <changes>` by using a :get:`/{db}/_changes` request.
      line 940 : too long (85 > 80) line
    but only for Revisions that do not exist in Target and are REQUIRED to be transferred
      line 982 : too long (87 > 80) line
    When there are no more changes left to process and no more Documents left to replicate,
      line 983 : too long (82 > 80) line
    the Replicator finishes the Replication process. If Replication wasn't Continuous,
      line 984 : too long (81 > 80) line
    the Replicator MAY return a response to client with statistics about the process.
      line 1128 : too long (82 > 80) line
    To fetch the Document the Replicator will make a :get:`/{db}/{docid}` request with
      line 1137 : too long (85 > 80) line
      then the Document MUST be returned for this Revision. Otherwise, Source MUST return
      line 1138 : trailing whitespace detected!
      an object with the single field ``missing`` with the missed Revision as the value. 
      line 1138 : too long (84 > 80) line
      an object with the single field ``missing`` with the missed Revision as the value.
      line 1139 : too long (84 > 80) line
      In case the Document contains attachments, Source MUST return information only for
      line 1140 : too long (82 > 80) line
      those ones that had been changed (added or updated) since the specified Revision
      line 1141 : too long (83 > 80) line
      values. If an attachment was deleted, the Document MUST NOT have stub information
      line 1146 : too long (84 > 80) line
      This parameter solves a race condition problem where the requested Document may be
      line 1151 : too long (84 > 80) line
    specifies a different mime type. The :mimetype:`multipart/mixed` content type allows
      line 1155 : too long (82 > 80) line
    encoded strings which are very ineffective for transfer and processing operations.
      line 1157 : too long (84 > 80) line
    With a :mimetype:`multipart/mixed` response the Replicator handles multiple Document
      line 1160 : too long (86 > 80) line
    more effective: the Document ALWAYS goes before its attachments, so the Replicator has
      line 1161 : too long (83 > 80) line
    no need to process all the data to map related Documents-Attachments and may handle
      line 1264 : too long (81 > 80) line
    stack size could be limited by number of Documents or bytes of handled JSON data.
      line 1283 : trailing whitespace detected!
    :post:`/{db}/_bulk_docs` request to Target with payload containing a JSON object 
      line 1287 : too long (85 > 80) line
      These Documents MUST contain the ``_revisions`` field that holds a list of the full
      line 1361 : too long (82 > 80) line
    If the Document has been stored successfully, the list item MUST contain the field
      line 1365 : too long (81 > 80) line
    Document updating failure isn't fatal as Target MAY reject the update for its own
      line 1368 : too long (84 > 80) line
    etc.). The Replicator SHOULD NOT retry uploading rejected documents unless there are
      line 1408 : too long (82 > 80) line
    There is a special optimization case when then Replicator WILL NOT use bulk upload
      line 1419 : trailing whitespace detected!
    a request allows one to easily stream the Document and all its attachments 
      line 1501 : too long (91 > 80) line
    come with a different status code. For instance, in the case when the Document is rejected,
      line 1528 : too long (87 > 80) line
    issues a :post:`/{db}/_ensure_full_commit` request to ensure that every transferred bit
      line 1530 : too long (88 > 80) line
    :statuscode:`201` response with a JSON object containing the following mandatory fields:
      line 1564 : too long (81 > 80) line
    Since batches of changes were uploaded and committed successfully, the Replicator
      line 1565 : too long (87 > 80) line
    updates the Replication Log both on Source and Target recording the current Replication
      line 1566 : too long (92 > 80) line
    state. This operation is REQUIRED so that in the case of Replication failure the replication
      line 1690 : too long (82 > 80) line
    Once a batch of changes had been processed and transferred to Target successfully,
      line 1691 : trailing whitespace detected!
    the Replicator can continue to listen to the Changes Feed for new changes. If there 
      line 1691 : too long (83 > 80) line
    the Replicator can continue to listen to the Changes Feed for new changes. If there
      line 1694 : too long (85 > 80) line
    For Continuous Replication, the Replicator MUST continue to wait for new changes from
      line 1703 : too long (85 > 80) line
    occur. The Replicator SHOULD NOT count every HTTP request failure as a *fatal error*.
      line 1734 : trailing whitespace detected!
    does not contain acceptable credentials then the Peer MUST respond with the 
      line 1748 : trailing whitespace detected!
    sufficient permissions to perform the operation then the Peer 
      line 1774 : trailing whitespace detected!
    If an unsupported method was used then the Peer MUST respond with a 
      line 1787 : trailing whitespace detected!
    A resource conflict error occurs when there are concurrent updates of the same 
      line 1788 : trailing whitespace detected!
    resource by multiple clients. In this case the Peer MUST respond with a HTTP 
      line 1818 : too long (86 > 80) line
    continue Replication. In this case the Replicator MUST return a HTTP :statuscode:`500`
      line 1834 : too long (81 > 80) line
    - Try to work with a connection pool and make parallel/multiple requests whenever
    make: *** [check] Error 1
    Once they'll be fixed, I merge your PR with pleasure!

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