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From Robert Kowalski <>
Subject Missing steps for 2.0
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2015 11:06:22 GMT
Hi list,

on Saturday we sat together and collected and discussed the missing
steps for a 2.0 release in Hamburg at Ubilabs.

The original document is located at:

CouchDB Committers Meetup 2015-02-08


Andy Wenk, Robert Newson, Noah Slater, Jan Lehnardt, Philipp
Hinrichsen, Klaus Trainer, Sebastian Rothbucher, Robert Kowalski

Discussion what is missing for 2.0:

 - Documentation, people would like to use 2.0 but they don’t know how
to maintain it (e.g. adding and rebalancing nodes, general setup).
Owner: Robert Kowalski

 - Packaging: tarball & debian package. Discussion was that it will
increase adoption to have packages people can install. Owner: Jan

 - Directly related to packaging: make dist and make docs are still
missing. Additionaly the file that was generated by
autotools when preparing a release must be readded Owner: Jan

 - Single node mode: we have to remove a warning that is sent as
response if the node is not joined into a multi-node cluster and has
no membership. Owner: Bob?

 - The wizard to make setup easy has to get finished. It should warn
users if they have an old local db and want to create a cluster. We
want to have a button to replicated the local db to the cluster. The
button will be at the 5986 backdoor ports. Owner: Jan & Robert

 - Documentation: Migration guides No owner?

 - Testing: Double check that we do not delete 1.x databases when
starting to use 2.0 - DB should be at 5986 No owner?

 - Fauxton: Warn users if they try to delete a system database using
the backdoor port (
Owner: Philipp & Robert

 - Fauxton: remove section to create admins & to change their password
if Fauxton is accessed through an LB - just display that one on the
backdoor ports (which also have Fauxton) Owner: Robert Kowalski

 - Fauxton: Broken Compact databases on 5984 (would have to use 5986):
display message if on 5984 that points the user in the right direction
Owner: Robert Kowalski

 - Fauxton: Config section - remove handler from chttpd - if Fauxton
gets a 404 we are not using the backdoor port which still supports
`/_config` - this also solves the problem if user are using curl and
try to change configuration on a clustered CouchDB behind a LB Owner:
Robert Kowalski

Nice ideas for 2.1:

 - Fauxton: set q/n parameters on creation of a database. Inform the
user if the values do not make sense (q < 1000 and warn if n == 1
because of possible data loss). Make it possible to select nodes which
have space left (/_stats - disk usage percentage)

 - Fauxton: create allow-nodes-parameter-handler / use zones in
fauxton to create zones for hosting in different datacenters

 - Fauxton: visualize the cluster: show for database on which nodes
the data is stored - warn if disk space runs out

 - Fauxton: show shardcount for DB

- delayed deletion as safety net


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