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From Andy Wenk <>
Subject Fwd: NoSQL Weekly - Issue 221
Date Sun, 22 Feb 2015 12:03:28 GMT
Hi all,

here are some interesting articles about CouchDB in the latest NoSQL Weekly
news. See below.

All the best


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From: NoSQL Weekly <>
Date: 19 February 2015 at 17:32
Subject: NoSQL Weekly - Issue 221

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      Welcome to issue 221 of NoSQL Weekly. I would like to thank our
sponsor this week, Hired for their support.

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Pivotal open sources its Hadoop and Greenplum tech, and then some
Pivotal, the cloud computing and big data company that spun out from EMC
and VMware in 2013, is open sourcing its entire portfolio of big data
technologies and is teaming up with Hortonworks, IBM, GE, and several other
companies on a Hadoop effort called the Open Data Platform.

*Articles, Tutorials and Talks*

Using NoSQL Databases for Streaming Network Analysis
In this paper we discuss our use of NoSQL databases in a framework that
enables the application of computationally expensive models against a
realtime network data stream. We describe how this approach transforms the
highly constrained (and sometimes arcane) world of realtime network
analysis into a more developer friendly model that relaxes many of the
traditional constraints associated with streaming data.

Understanding HDFS Recovery Processes (Part 1)
Having a good grasp of HDFS recovery processes is important when running or
moving toward production-ready Apache Hadoop. In this post, you will get an
in-depth examination of  these recovery processes. This post is divided
into two parts: Part 1 will examine the details of lease recovery and block
recovery, and Part 2 will examine the details of pipeline recovery. Readers
interested in learning more should refer the design specification: Append,
Hflush, and Read for implementation details.

Processing frameworks for Hadoop
How to decide which framework is best for your particular use case.

Accessing a REST Based Database Backend From an Android App
The objective of this article is to show a method for accessing a REST
based database backend from an Android app using MongoDB and Spring IO.

Monitoring Hadoop with Rackspace Cloud services -- managing partial failure
This article discusses how The Rackspace Global Data team created a
well-monitored Hadoop cluster by taking advantage of cloud services.

Data encryption in Couchbase Server
Data encryption is an effective way to prevent sensitive data access and
has become an important security control in many regulatory standards
including internal security attacks. This post goes over the multiple
levels at which you can protect your sensitive data for your Couchbase app.

How PouchDB adapters work
Ever wondered how PouchDB stores its data? This is a deep dive into PouchDB
adapters, presented by PouchDB core team member Nolan Lawson.

Transitioning Compute Models: Hadoop MapReduce to Spark
Slim Baltagi, talks about switching compute models from Hadoop MapReduce to
Spark. This talk is an analysis of the observed trends in the transition
from the Hadoop ecosystem to the Spark ecosystem. This will include the
topics of: replacement, integration, alternatives, deployment and newer

Real-time data analysis with Kubernetes, Redis, and BigQuery on Google
Cloud Platform
In this tutorial, you'll perform real-time data analysis of Twitter data
using a pipeline built on Google Compute Engine, Kubernetes, Redis and

Building a Peer-to-Peer Photo Sharing App with Couchbase Mobile

Neo4j: Building a topic graph with Prismatic Interest Graph API

Three simple steps to improve the security of your MongoDB installation

Discover Graph Databases with Neo4j and PHP

CouchDB View Patterns

*Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries*

Quelea is a Haskell library that is intended to simplify programming with
eventually consistent NoSQL stores, such as Cassandra.

A purely functional Scala client for CouchDB.

An npm and Kanso module for auditing changes to couchdb documents.

*Upcoming Events and Webinars*

Webinar: Understanding Database Encryption with Couchbase and Vormetric
Join security experts Arun Gowda, Director, Technology Business Development
at Vormetric and Don Pinto, Product Manager at Couchbase as they describe
how Couchbase and Vormetric can be combined to address your encryption

Neo4j Driver Special - London, United Kingdom
This month we'll be joined by a selection of driver authors from our UK
community to give us an overview of some of the drivers available in the
Neo4j ecosystem. There will be short talks and demos on Py2neo (Python),
Rainbird Neo4j (node.js), RNeo4j (R), Spring Data Neo4j/SDN (Java)

Hadoop-DC Meetup February 2015 - Washington, DC
There will be following talks

   - Integrating Apache Spark and Apache HBase
   - Real-time Analytics

Boston Hadoop Meetup February 2015  - Cambridge, MA
There will be following talks

   - Leverage Hadoop 2.0 and YARN with native tools
   - Spark: 0 to Production in 30 days @ Localytics

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