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From Robert Kowalski <>
Subject Re: Nano and Futon CLI
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2015 14:44:33 GMT
Hi Nuno,

wow that sounds great! For me nano is _the_ Node.js library regarding CouchDB.

I really like the idea of nano being a part of the CouchDB project for
several reasons:

 - the projects would cross-pollinate each other more than they do currently
 - the CouchDB project would eat more of their own dog food
 - more people working on CouchDB related topics in the ASF
 - even more JS folks in #couchdb-dev and the project

I would suggest to offer nano separate from our database releases as
the current release cycle is ~2 releases / year.

I also have a concern:

We already have a jquery client library
( - this got extracted
from the old futon in 1.x), sadly we are currently quite limited in
our resources and don't have time to properly maintain it. I am afraid
this could happen also to nano because you mentioned that you don't
have time for the nano project. One way to avoid this is that we
search for new maintainers.

Does nano currently have other maintainers next to you?
What do you think regarding our limited resources? Do you have ideas
for building a nano team already?


On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 4:20 PM, Robert Keizer <> wrote:
> I use nano and CouchDB every day, both for work and personal projects.
> I would love to see nano become part of the ASF under the CouchDB flag.
> I think standardizing libraries for various languages would be a great
> benefit to CouchDB itself.
> Just my two cents as a developer / sysadmin using both.
> On 2015-01-22 5:03 AM, Nuno Job wrote:
>> Hi Alexander,
>> Responses inline:
>> On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 7:35 PM, Alexander Shorin <> wrote:
>>> - Why do you want to contribute these projects?
>> The main motivation is just to help CouchDB. When I started these projects
>> they were an hobby. These days there's enough use in nano's part to justify
>> a closer, more organized attention. My lack of commitment to the project is
>> not helping.
>> Personal reasons: None.
>>> - What's your expectation on their life under CouchDB flag?
>> None, anything is better than current. Just trying to help, but as for the
>> whole project I have no stakes in it. I love couchdb as a user, and I think
>> it will continue this way.
>>> - How your contribution will improve CouchDB user experience?
>> I believe having a standard way to connect to CouchDB would be extremely
>> beneficial: WE have came far enough that the requirements are well
>> understood and libraries that have been around for a while include most
>> fixes that companies use in production. The second reason is progress:
>> (1) nano could natively support multiple versions of couch by defining the
>> version of the compatible api you want to connect
>> (2) nano could easily support extensions for apis like cloudant
>> (3) nano could easily support the browser
>> however this requires effort and dedication to maintence. Both things I
>> can't do in my free time and the project would be much more suited to do.
>> As for futoncli, it just seems like a nice feature to deliver for folks
>> that use couch. It's pretty complete and has `raw` mode, hence people can
>> even script with it. If it was delivered by default, people could easily
>> create easier shell scripts with couch on any installation.
>>> - Don't your fear that this will hurt them? ASF has more strict rules
>>> on contributions and commit bits and also in CouchDB team there are
>>> not much nano/futoncli active contributors (anyone?) to continue their
>>> maintaining.
>> It's a valid point, but I'm completely out of it and I have no opinion. To
>> the best of my knowledge no contributor of nano is a apache member.

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