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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: The ApacheCon EU Announcements
Date Fri, 14 Nov 2014 12:59:30 GMT
Hey all,

I’d like to announce a CouchDB 2.0 Developer Preview at ApacheCon EU on Monday.

I think the best we can do is put up a tarball for people to build, with instructions.

I’m happy to do the legwork of producing the tarball and writing up the install doc and
put it all up on the site. E.g. at or something.

This would *not* constitute and official ASF Release, but a convenience code dump for people
who want to try things out.

If nobody objects, we could also set up a email list, so people
have a safe space to talk about this and are not overwhelmed by the rest of dev@, or we do
this on users@, what do you think? :)

Also, the tarball, are we good to simply zip up the couchdb.git repo after ./configure? Or
would all users run ./configure? My main concern is of course the time to setup, as cloning
all the small repos tends to take some time. If there are things that are tied to the Erlang
version of the person who runs ./configure, then we can’t circumvent this (without some
extra work). Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks! :)


> On 10 Nov 2014, at 15:01 , Jan Lehnardt <> wrote:
> Hey all,
> it is ApacheCon EU next week and CouchDB has a full track of great talks, yay! \o/
> (Click on
“Couch” in the side bar, to see all our talks :)
> I’m scheduled to give a CouchDB State of the Union kind of talk on Monday morning and
aside from where we are coming from and what the current state is, I’d like to make some
forward looking statements about CouchDB 2.0.
> The big news, of course, is the BigCouch merge and what this means for CouchDB. There
are also various bits and pieces about things that we have done outside of that (the rcouch
merge), as well as a few things that are part of the merge, but are worth pointing out on
its own (like better compaction e.g.).
> I’d like to do one better though. Bob Newson has already mentioned a few times that
master is now in a state that it would be great if more people could get their hands on it.
> To that end, I’d like to propose that we announce and release[1] a “Developer Preview”
version of master as it is now (+ the _cluster_setup) work.
> If you agree, what do you think we should be doing for this?
> My short list is:
> 1. finish /_cluster_setup & Fauxton UI, to make cluster setup easier
> 2. write “how to get started” guide
> 3. figure out what a “release” could look like.
> For 1. I can do on the backend, but I’d love some help from the Fauxton team for the
UI bits.
> For 2. I can do too, but any volunteers are welcome :D
> For 3. I only have a vague understanding of how to do releases in a 2.0 world overall.
Ideally, we have something that puts out nightly tarballs (easily done on our CI server).
A next step and nice to have would be pre-built binaries for people to run, as well as a Docker/Vagrant/etc
setup that people can use. But I don’t know how far away all of these are for us at this
point. Can anyone shed some light on this?
> * * *
> Ideally, our Nov 17. Announcement says that everything is available right away.
> Is there anything else that you think we absolutely need to do to make a “Developer
Preview” of CouchDB 2.0? Do you see any significant issues with the things I outlined above?
> Is there anything in particular that I should be mentioning in (one of) my ApacheCon
EU talk(s)?
> Thank you for your help!
> Jan
> --
> [1]: This doesn’t have to be an ASF, capital R, Release,d putting up some tarballs
somewhere would be fine.

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