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From Javier Candeira <>
Subject Re: Hello! (Introduction)
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2014 22:27:37 GMT
Yes, +1 to Dirkjan's suggestion, so I'm adding to this thread with my
own introduction as a new committer.

I'm Javier Candeira. I was born in Spain, and now I live in Melbourne
with my Australian wife and our two daughters. I work as a contract
developer/ops for different companies, perform hit-and-run fixes on
free projects from, and also agitate for
Free Software and public data from In the past I've
worked for artists and art galleries, sold books for publishers and
retailers, taught at computing and design schools, written for
newspapers, and produced programmes for television. Though I've
tinkered with computers since high school, my professional career as a
programmer is relatively short. This I consider an asset more than a
liability, as I bring other points of view into my work.

About a year ago I started using CouchDB for a work project that would
require state between dispersed bits of home/industrial equipment. I
fell in love with the software and the people of CouchDB. During this
year I've had the opportunity to do some tinkering and personal
prototypes, and I was a bit frustrated with the documentation, so when
I had a lull in work I started poking the JIRA tracker and the IRC
channel for ways I could help. That bit of work is ongoing with the
help of Andy and Noah, and it led to deeper involvement. I've proposed
a couple of patches to Fauxton, of which at least one has been merged;
also to the dev cluster runner, which is on hold (whistles while
looking nonchalant), and I'm learning Erlang by poking at the CouchDB

It's very exciting to be part of the CouchDB project. I won't be able
to work on it full time like many of you, but I'd like to make myself
useful while I learn new things and have fun with new friends. Like
Ben said, I'll probably ask many questions. some of them very basic; I
hope to be able to contribute back at least as much as I ask of other

Javier Candeira

On Sat, Nov 8, 2014 at 3:50 AM, Ben Keen <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As per Dirkjan’s suggestion (+1, by the way), being a new committer I
> thought I’d send around a quick email to introduce myself.
> So hey! My name’s Ben Keen. I’m primarily a client-side developer and the
> bulk of my time will be spent working on Fauxton on behalf of Cloudant, for
> whom I now work. I’m new to both CouchDB and Fauxton. These last few weeks
> I’ve been wading through the Fauxton code getting up to speed. I’ve made a
> few smaller contributions here and there but once I grasp the fundamentals
> a little better I hope to contribute a good deal more.
> About me… I’ve been an open source programmer for many, many years and
> created a number of projects like,,,
> These days, anything of any faint value will be found on my
> github account (
> Anyway, it’s very good to be involved in CouchDB! Like I said, I’m new to
> it, so expect me to ask dumb questions from time to time while I get up to
> speed. :)
> Oh, and I’m also a birder. So if I trap you in an IRC conversation about
> birds, I apologize in advance. It’ll be boring. Bring coffee.
> Ben
> Site:
> Twitter: @vancouverben

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