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From Javier Candeira <>
Subject Fixing documentation as part of my induction into the project
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2014 02:29:54 GMT
Hi all,

I've just volunteered to help fix documentation as part of my
induction into the project:
Finish move of the wiki documentation; clean up references in

(by the way, thanks wohali for your quick response)

After this issue is solved, here is my suggested plan:

- triage through the open documentation bugs and fix all those that
don't require much deep knowdlege.

- write a draft of my proposed "What does each Couch* and *ouchDB do"
article, to go in rather than in
according to my comment in

- fix other bits of the documentation that I find incomplete as a newb
with a lot to learn.

I'd appreciate any suggestion you have, and this is my commitment to
the project: that for every question I ask that someone answers on
IRC, I'll go check the docs and update or clarify them. Please call me
out if I fail to do it.


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