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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Moving swiftly towards 2.0
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2014 19:31:57 GMT

On 08 Oct 2014, at 22:06 , Joan Touzet <> wrote:

> Hey everyone.
> master has been stable for a number of weeks now. We should start moving
> towards releasing CouchDB 2.0.
> What does that mean? I think the items remaining, before we can consider
> a release candidate are limited to:
> * Simplify cluster setup. (Owner: Jan L.)
> * Remove futon, add fauxton as default dashboard (Owner: Jan L.)

The main repo now has a goodbye-futon branch that:
- safe-keeps the JS tests in share/test (see below)
- rm -rf’s share/www
- updates Makefile to build Fauxton on demand (see

The couchdb-fauxton repo now has a goodbye-futon branch that:
- builds Fauxton into share/www/ instead of share/www/fauxton/

Together they make this work :)

This means that if you want to `make` CouchDB, you need to have Node.js, npm and
grunt-cli installed as outlined in
We should probably add a configure switch for this one, like
--disable-docs for people who are in a hurry :)

A note on the JS tests:

I moved the test and utility files into share/test. Eventually, this should live
in its own repo (like the PouchDB folks have done at
This would have the added benefit that other projects can re-use that test suite.

Running `make javascript` on master results in a lot of:

HTTP API was disabled at compile time.
HTTP API was disabled at compile time.

The same is now true in the goodbye-futon branch, so I don’t yet know if
my file-move/path adjustment shenanigans actually work.

I’d appreciate a cursory look from the Fauxton folks and someone who can
teach me some make, so I don’t have to do things like


> * Go/no-go on view sequence index (Owner: Ben B., see other thread)
> * Fix remaining disabled eunit test cases (Owner: Alex S.)
> * Documentation review (Needs an owner!)
> Separately, we need to:
> * Create a 1.x.x branch (Owner: Jan L.)
> * Start a 1.7 candidate with deprecations in docs only (Owner: Alex S.)
> Have I missed anything?
> Any volunteers to look at the docs? The work would entail installing
> master, testing everything out, and starting to make edits to reconcile
> the two. API work would be the most straightforward.
> Installation and initial setup will be the tricky part. We're already
> getting questions on IRC like "So is 15984 the new CouchDB port?" that
> are just representative of the dev/run script, not how CouchDB should be
> deployed.
> -Joan

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