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From Nick Pavlica <>
Subject Re: Setting up CouchDB 2.0
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2014 15:56:16 GMT

-The short version:

I would like to propose that CouchDB be developed and maintained separately
from a management GUI.”

-The longer rambling version:

I would like to see CouchDB 2.x+ adopt a model that resembles that of Riak,
Cassandra, and others, where there is a core server and everything else is
optional.  It’s so easy to setup a Cassandra and Riak server or cluster
from the command line with just a bit of good documentation.  I really like
the fact that they are decoupled from an administrative tool like Futon or
Faxuton.  By decoupling the admin GUI’s from the database, it paves the way
for others to create new GUI tools, and reduces the effort to release new
database versions.  While taking a current build of the Master branch for a
spin, I was trying to use Futon only to discover that it wasn’t ready for
the changes made in 2.0.  After some discussion on IRC, I learned that it
would be replaced with Faxuton.  Once I left Futon behind, and used the
command line I was up and running.  In the end, it was much easier to work
from the command line than trying to work with an outdated tool that was
hurting more than helping.  This is not to say that Futon, and Faxuton
aren’t great tools, but they add additional complexity, and development
effort outside the core objective of a database.  Having a minimal database
core also allows administrators to have a reduced burden when it comes to
system administration because there are fewer system dependencies to
update, manage, and distribute.  On small systems it isn’t as big deal, but
the larger systems become, the harder they are to manage.  Additionally,
having to interact with a UI makes it harder to setup a cluster with
deployment tools like Chef, etc.  CoreOS, really highlights the need to
reduce the administrative burden when managing large systems.  Here is a
video that illistrates why/how CoreOS has striped down everthing but what
is needed (  While not exactly
relevant, it does convey the general idea.  It could be called CoreCouch,
CouchCore, or … :)


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