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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] CouchDB Code of Conduct & Diversity Statement
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2014 19:11:13 GMT

Great job on very sensitive and delicate topic and, while I agree that
there should be some rules explicitly defined, I'm not sure that this
should be done on project level. As far as I see each project / event
/ community have to define own CoC (with almost the same statements)
again and again. While each tries to reach the similar goal, we cannot
be sure that each has the same CoC and the same rules are applicable -
this reminds me EULA hell when you have to read each and keep in mind
each. All this makes CoC idea in current state to be broken by design.
On first approximation this have to be done on ASF level, but ideally
on even more higher level (yes, I know that this is utopia scenario),
but I cannot do anything with that.

Leaving myself positive to the changes, but cannot be honest in saying
that I completely like and support the idea as it is.


On Sun, Aug 3, 2014 at 5:18 AM, Joan Touzet <> wrote:
> Voting period starts         03:00:00 UTC on Sunday, August 3, 2014
> Votes must be received by    23:59:59 UTC on Sunday, August 10, 2014
> ============
> This Call For Votes is for voting in the official Apache CouchDB Code
> of Conduct and Diversity Statement. For voting questions or problems,
> contact the PMC at
> The intent is to make this an official document of Apache CouchDB.
> Once it becomes official, the text will be transferred into the SVN
> repository, and a link will be left on the wiki.
> To cast a binding vote, you need to be a CouchDB PMC member. Others are
> welcome to cast non-binding votes.
> ===========
> First, read the full text of the proposal.
> The text of the bylaw document being voted on can be found at:
> The vote is on version *11* of this document as displayed in the document
> page history at:
> The page has been locked for edits.
> To cast a vote, it is necessary to reply to this email, at
> with your vote as outlined under Section 3.3 of the Bylaws. As a
> reminder, for the purpose of tallying, all values will be counted as +1,
> -1 or nothing.
> Per Section 3.3 of the Bylaws, this is a lazy 2/3 majority vote.

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