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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject rcouch merge: integration with the bigcouch branch questions
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2014 10:01:54 GMT
Some blocking points/questions I have about the integration of rcouch
and bigcouch.

- OTP release: the bigcouch and the rcouch branches are quite similar
but I still wonder about the usage of this configure script. Is this
really nedded? Can't we just rely on a makefile?

- HTTP api. some recent additions have been made in couch_mrview that
added chttpd usage. Which makes this functions unsable with the
standalone HTTP api. Also the couch application  in the bigcouch
branch still contains couch_httpd* modules. Rcouch extracted them in a
full erlang app: couch_httpd. My question is do we still need the
legacy api (my understanding is that it is still used as standalone
node frontend in bigcouch) ? If yes I propose to have a better
separation in the api. There maybe 2 ways:
    - port the couch_mrview http modules to chttpd for the layer part
*and* couch_httpd
    -  have different functions or better modules for chttpd and
couch_httpd in couch_mrview (couch_mrview_httpd_*.erl and

- couch_collate nif to replace couch_drv + ejson_compare nif . Is this
OK for you? It's extensively tested there.

- how the fauxton build is handled right now in the bigcouch branch.
What are requirements to make it automatic? (no manual installation).
Is there a way to disable it

- I don't see any unittests about the sharding api. How to test the
view changes is correctly working in the sharding api? How does

Hopefully someone can answer to them. I plan to merge both branches ASAP.

- benoit

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