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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject Politics on CouchDB
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2014 05:15:31 GMT
DISCLAMER: topic is a lie, don't even try.

>From IRC log:

[03:35:15]    texinwien: In the why doc, illustrations refer to Joe the Plumber
[03:36:50]    texinwien: Is this unintended coincidence or by design,
given the political connotation of that name in the US?
[03:37:48]    texinwien:
[04:01:23]    chewbranca: texinwien: got a link?
[08:52:27]    texinwien: chewbranca: can you see the link to Wikipedia
that I posted above?
[08:53:05]    chewbranca: texinwien: yeah I meant link to the docs
where it talks about joe the plumber
[08:53:07]    chewbranca: haven't seen that
[08:54:39]    texinwien: It's in the docs / manual that install with 1.6.0
[08:55:35]    texinwien: 1.2 Why CouchDB aka /_utils/docs/intro/why.html
[08:57:04]    texinwien: The only link I currently have is to a local
installation of CouchDB.
[08:57:57]    texinwien: Is there a public, open installation of 1.6.0
where the manual is open?
[08:59:12]    texinwien: 1.2.3. A Better Fit for Common Applications
[08:59:36]    texinwien: Figure 1. Self-contained documents
[09:00:27]    texinwien: - /_utils/docs/_images/intro-why-01.png
[09:01:13]    texinwien: The graphic shows a business card and invoice
for "Joe the Plumber"
[09:02:04]    Kxepal: texinwien: because this chapter was imported
from couchdb guide:
[09:03:42]    texinwien: +Kxepal: I wonder whether the use of such a
politically charged name in the docs is a good idea

Do we support Obama?(: Oh no, I mean, does anyone have good GIMP
skills to fix such confusion?


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