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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject CouchDB components version policy
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2014 11:47:06 GMT
Hi devs,

The question I'd like to raise is about version policy for the
components which were extracted from main big couchdb.git repo into
own separate ones. How to track their version now?

For instance, we have jquery-couch.git now - jquery client for CouchDB
which was actively used by Futon and now is left orphan for standalone
usage. It never had own release version and now I wonder which to
apply on it?

The only reasonable idea comes to my mind is to sync it with CouchDB
releases. For instance, the latest CouchDB 1.x release is 1.6 - so
jquery-couch.js is. If there will happens 1.7 release, we'll bump
jquery-couch.js up to 1.7 even if there was no any changes for it. But
since CouchDB 2.x timeline it will use own version strategy.

Another example of the same issue is couchdb-documentation. It version
was heavy depended from CouchDB release one, but continuous to be so
for 2.x timeline.


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