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From ASF IRC Bot <>
Subject Summary of IRC Meeting in #couchdb-meeting
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2014 19:20:15 GMT
Summary of IRC Meeting in #couchdb-meeting at Wed Jul 16 19:01:27 2014:

Attendees: Wohali, nslater, rnewson, chewbranca

- Preface
- bigcouch/dbcore merge status
  - Action: everyone to test couchdb master please!
- breaking changes in 2.0
  - Action: Everyone to post their ideas for breaking changes in 2.0 to the ML, discussion
will be wrapped in the not-too-distant future
- Bylaws / Code of Conduct
  - Action: Wohali to post next draft, intent to start vote next week
- open floor

IRC log follows:

## Preface ##
[Wed Jul 16 19:01:41 2014] <Wohali>: calling the meeting to order
## bigcouch/dbcore merge status ##
[Wed Jul 16 19:01:56 2014] <Wohali>: take it away rnewson!
[Wed Jul 16 19:02:01 2014] <rnewson>: hi
[Wed Jul 16 19:02:21 2014] <rnewson>: I've continued the merge work, notably including
a merge to master of the 1843-feature-bigcouch branch.
[Wed Jul 16 19:02:39 2014] <rnewson>: master can now run clustered couchdb and wider
testing is occuring (and further encouraged!)
[Wed Jul 16 19:02:54 2014] <Wohali>: #action everyone to test couchdb master please!
[Wed Jul 16 19:02:56 2014] <rnewson>: I am now preparing a tarball for IP clearance
for all the couchdb work that cloudant has done since March 2013.
[Wed Jul 16 19:03:22 2014] <rnewson>: Once this is done, and pushed into the repositories,
Cloudant will quickly switch to working directly with the ASF repositories that comprise couchdb.
[Wed Jul 16 19:03:41 2014] <rnewson>: because if if have to wrap a year of cloudant
into a tarball again, I will go mad and kill people.
[Wed Jul 16 19:03:42 2014] <rnewson>: the end
[Wed Jul 16 19:04:06 2014] <Wohali>: thanks rnewson
[Wed Jul 16 19:04:12 2014] <Wohali>: any questions for rnewson? He has to run to dinner...
[Wed Jul 16 19:04:14 2014] <rnewson>: yw
[Wed Jul 16 19:04:42 2014] <rnewson>: #off I am still around for a bit
[Wed Jul 16 19:04:57 2014] <Wohali>: ok
[Wed Jul 16 19:04:59 2014] <Wohali>: seeing no questions
## breaking changes in 2.0 ##
[Wed Jul 16 19:05:15 2014] <Wohali>: The topic of breaking changes in 2.0 has been brought
up on the mailing list.
[Wed Jul 16 19:05:26 2014] <Wohali>: I encourage people to post their ideas now so they
can be given ample consideration
[Wed Jul 16 19:05:47 2014] <Wohali>: Nothing will be rushed through, but at some point
in the not too distant future we'll stop accepting new ideas and act on what has been floated
[Wed Jul 16 19:06:31 2014] <Wohali>: #action Everyone to post their ideas for breaking
changes in 2.0 to the ML, discussion will be wrapped in the not-too-distant future
[Wed Jul 16 19:06:33 2014] <Wohali>: any comments, questions, concerns?
[Wed Jul 16 19:06:57 2014] <Wohali>: moving on.
## Bylaws / Code of Conduct ##
[Wed Jul 16 19:07:06 2014] <Wohali>: I have an update here
[Wed Jul 16 19:07:30 2014] <Wohali>: nslater and I have spoken - he is busy with other
activities and I will be taking these to the finish line
[Wed Jul 16 19:07:32 2014] <rnewson>: #off I can do that but a bit moot if it's just
the two of us
[Wed Jul 16 19:07:59 2014] <Wohali>: If you have changes you'd like to see made, and
haven't posted them to dev@, I'm happy to take them now
[Wed Jul 16 19:08:13 2014] <Wohali>: otherwise, I'll be incorporating feedback from
what is on the ML and getting another draft circulated.
[Wed Jul 16 19:08:14 2014] <nslater>: important to add: when me and Wohali, we both
agreed that it's not required to get them perfect on the first go
[Wed Jul 16 19:08:31 2014] <Wohali>: thanks noah
[Wed Jul 16 19:08:43 2014] <nslater>: we're looking to take an iterative approach, expecting
most of the edits to happen early, and settle down over time
[Wed Jul 16 19:08:55 2014] <Wohali>: in addition, the intent is NOT to use these as
a weapon at first - they must be applied gently as we explore implications and ramifications
[Wed Jul 16 19:09:27 2014] <Wohali>: taking a phrase from table top board gaming, no
"rule lawyers" - don't wield a bylaw or CoC line item as a weapon
[Wed Jul 16 19:09:46 2014] <Wohali>: if something results in an unexpected action, the
intent is to fix the rule rather than enforce that oddball result
[Wed Jul 16 19:10:17 2014] <Wohali>: this should let us have action sooner rather than
being perfectionists about the letter of the law.
[Wed Jul 16 19:10:19 2014] <Wohali>: comments?
[Wed Jul 16 19:11:15 2014] <rnewson>: #off nope
[Wed Jul 16 19:11:18 2014] <Wohali>: #action Wohali to post next draft, intent to start
vote next week
[Wed Jul 16 19:11:44 2014] <Wohali>: ok
[Wed Jul 16 19:11:51 2014] <Wohali>: do we have any fauxton people here?
[Wed Jul 16 19:12:06 2014] <Wohali>: robertkowalski?
[Wed Jul 16 19:12:09 2014] <Wohali>: garren?
[Wed Jul 16 19:12:31 2014] <Wohali>: i see no chewbranca but I will add that he and
Kxepal are working on the eunit merge for 2.0 as well, it's in its final stages
[Wed Jul 16 19:12:36 2014] <Wohali>: passing tests are a good thing :)
[Wed Jul 16 19:12:45 2014] <chewbranca>: I'm somewhat around
[Wed Jul 16 19:12:55 2014] <Wohali>: do you have any updates on anything?
[Wed Jul 16 19:13:20 2014] <chewbranca>: eunit merge appears to be blocked until we
figure out whether 1.7 will be a thing or not
[Wed Jul 16 19:13:38 2014] <Wohali>: got it. Kxepal are you here?
[Wed Jul 16 19:13:55 2014] <Wohali>: I'm still not sure we need 1.7 vs. 1.6.x
[Wed Jul 16 19:14:24 2014] <Wohali>: the result of your couch file compatibility testing,
if I recall correctly, was that we want to bump couch_file for 2.0 but we don't need to double-bump,
[Wed Jul 16 19:15:13 2014] <Wohali>: (chewbranca)
[Wed Jul 16 19:16:06 2014] <chewbranca>: well we have to compact into a new format either
[Wed Jul 16 19:16:11 2014] <chewbranca>: that doesn't bump the version number right
now though
[Wed Jul 16 19:16:19 2014] <Wohali>: ok.
[Wed Jul 16 19:16:30 2014] <chewbranca>: might be worthwhile to do that, although davisp
and rnewson would probably have stronger opinions on that
[Wed Jul 16 19:16:46 2014] <Wohali>: but to put a fine point on it, we don't NEED a
1.7 to make 2.0 happen on this point, correct? We could deem 1.6 is our LTS 1.x release if
we wanted, technically.
[Wed Jul 16 19:17:19 2014] <chewbranca>: I don't have a strong opinion on 1.7, but Kxepal
and some others do think it's worthwhile
[Wed Jul 16 19:17:30 2014] <Wohali>: ok, topic for the mailing list then, since others
are not here.
## open floor ##
[Wed Jul 16 19:17:59 2014] <Wohali>: I will be speaking at OSCON 2014 next week about
the evolution of the CouchDB community. If you're there be sure to attend, it's Wednesday
at 4:10 PM.
[Wed Jul 16 19:18:10 2014] <Wohali>: It'll be a light-hearted talk about serious issues.
[Wed Jul 16 19:18:14 2014] <Wohali>: anyone else have anything?
[Wed Jul 16 19:20:05 2014] <Wohali>: ASFBot: meeting end

Meeting ended at Wed Jul 16 19:20:05 2014

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