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From Bhanu <>
Subject Re: What are the cases in which we can see data loss with CouchDB?
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2014 07:12:53 GMT
With delayed commits to false, my understanding is that every write will be
immediately flushed to disk which may affect the overall performance of
couchdb. Is there any way to get durability guarantee with delayed commits
set to true?

Does couchdb not use any journalling/write-ahead logging like mongodb does
-- so that journal files could be written more frequently than the actual
data file?

Since CouchDB is AP with eventual consistency, I believe it suffers from
same mongodb issues mentioned here --!topic/mongodb-user/SDY82VKzif0

Is there any case where couchdb will lose write though the write is
successfully acknowledged to client?

Can we say that if delayed_commits is set to true, then CouchDB might lose
data? When will client receive acknowledgement in this case (delayed_commits
= true)? After the flushing or immediately?


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