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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: [NOTICE] Updated Bylaws - final readthrough before vote
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2014 10:16:56 GMT

On 19 Jul 2014, at 07:49 , Joan Touzet <> wrote:

> Jan says:
> ----- Original Message -----
> On CTR (commit-then-review): it’s a leftover from the cvs/svn days, in our git world,
what was equivalent to commit in the old model is merge to master (and release branches) in
ours. And for that we do distinctly follow review-then-commit (
to ensure to the highest degree that master and release branches are always in a shippable/stable
state. Git, branches and our merge procedure make all this not much of a problem that it was
in the old cvs/svn days. I wonder then, if we should reword the CTR section to reflect our
situation? (Even if committing to, say, a feature branch, that then is reviewed before it
is merged into master or a release branch could be seen as CTR, it is not quite capturing
the same intent).
> --
> I generally agree here, but I'm going to leave this thread open for 24h before changing
the text. The proposal would be to explicitly state that we follow a review-then-commit model
using git branches and pull requests, generally following the GitHub Flow pattern (,
and that detail on the process is outside the scope of the Bylaws.



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