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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject rcouch+bigcouch merge & need for a "developer" guide
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2014 08:19:09 GMT

I started to look at the merge of both branches started by
sagelywizard who provided me the links on IRC: and

And while I can of course look in the code to see how to merge the
latest bits (chttpd for the HTTP part and fabric for the merge of
shards data/feeds) I am wondering if we couldn't take this merge as a
way to make useful developer documents:

- design of the apps. who interact with. which module does what
- configuration entry points
- which things a developer should consider when he write an app or
edit a code in the code, for example how to monitor a database, how to
make sure an indexer is counted as a db user, ...
- how the activity monitor work

The are some examples. I am not really speaking about the syntax here,
though a guide can also be provided. Same also should be done for
fauxton or any part of the code.

Of course it will require some work but it work it imo (and probably a
lot of works from cloudant guys, sorry). It would open the code to any
devs, and well... would not force anyone that want to hack to lost
some time to read each parts of the code before figuring how to hack
it. It would also force us to make a full review on the current

Another point that would be cool would be sharing developer "notes".


- benoit

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