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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: [REQUES] Review proposed bylaws (Was: Re: [DISCUSS] Project bylaws)
Date Mon, 26 May 2014 21:17:15 GMT
Note that the doc I link to does explicitly say we welcome
contributions to design. It's listed under the Project section, as
branding and design. Again, the problem is that there are simply too
many ways to contribute.

On 26 May 2014 23:01, Joan Touzet <> wrote:

> I hadn't heard the acronym previously, and a quick web search doesn't turn up any other
uses of it. Still, the list of "what we value," just like the list of "we don't discriminate
against these things" should be ever-expanding. I am not opposed to spinning this lit out
and instead saying something like:

Then let's drop it and come up with something very generic about how
we value any sort of positive contribution.

>   "We value contributions that include, but are not limited to: community, project, documentation,
code, visual design, internationalisation, ..." and then link to the contributor guide as
a full resource.

The problem here is that the list is too long.

Here's an example:

We value contributions, such as moderating discussions, recruiting new
contributors, organising events, providing user support (via the
mailing list or third-party support forums), helping with ticket
triage, product management, preparing or testing releases, quality
assurance, marketing, promotion, branding, design, documentation,
translation, writing cookbooks and tutorials, blogging, helping with
the wiki, giving talks, doing screencasts, interviewing people,
running meetings, contributing code, performing code reviews, helping
with tests, helping with continuous integration, working on CouchDB
tools and libraries, and packaging for third-party distros.

This is too much. Heh. And it might look like I'm being pedantic, but
I actually spent an hour or more reformatting a list like this, trying
to group it and make it manageable, and in the end I just gave up.

The problem is, we're basically listing every task and every job that
might conceivably be involved in shipping a product. Which is a very
long list and I have surely missed things. Like, uh, community

And I don't know how to cut it down without just shortening it to the
COPDOC list. I.e. "We value contributions to the community, project,
documentation, and code." And then we just punt this ever-increasing
list of stuff to a new doc, as I have done.

(I'm not attached to the COPDOC acronym itself. I just thought it was
a neat concept.)

Noah Slater

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