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From Andy Wenk <>
Subject Installing 1843-feature-bigcouch
Date Sun, 25 May 2014 16:26:00 GMT
Hi Bob,

I cloned a fresh couch repo and ran

$ ./configure
$ make

Here are some warnings:

Compiling priv/icu_driver/couch_icu_driver.c
priv/icu_driver/couch_icu_driver.c:171:9: warning: incompatible pointer
types initializing 'ErlDrvSSizeT (*)(ErlDrvData, unsigned int, char *,
ErlDrvSizeT, char **, ErlDrvSizeT)' with an expression of type
'COUCH_SSIZET (ErlDrvData, unsigned int, char *, COUCH_SSIZET, char **,
COUCH_SSIZET)' [-Wincompatible-pointer-types]
        couch_drv_control,  /* F_PTR control, port_command callback */
1 warning generated.

Compiling c_src/snappy/
c_src/snappy/ warning: unused function 'ComputeTable'
static void ComputeTable() {
1 warning generated.

When running

$ make test

I just received:

==> couchdb-1843-feature-bigcouch-3 (eunit)

When running

$ make install

I received

WARN:  'generate' command does not apply to directory
mkdir: /opt/couchdb: Permission denied
make: *** [install] Error 1

So the target is /opt/couchdb ... ? That's new ...

With sudo it works for sure. I received this warning:

WARN:  'generate' command does not apply to directory

When starting couchdb with

$ sudo /opt/couchdb/bin/couchdb

I received

 sudo /opt/couchdb/bin/couchdb                        ⏎ ◼
Apache CouchDB 6dcd33b is starting.
18:22:00.869 [info] Application lager started on node
18:22:00.869 [info] Application couch_log started on node
18:22:00.875 [info] Starting couch_sup
18:22:00.927 [notice] config: [couchdb] uuid set to
b8bc739cea165a5795e4adca8be5f894 for reason nil
18:22:00.963 [info] open_result error {not_found,no_db_file} for _users
18:22:00.982 [info] needed 18.134 ms to open new _users
18:22:01.030 [info] open_result error {not_found,no_db_file} for _replicator
18:22:01.037 [info] needed 6.67 ms to open new _replicator
Apache CouchDB has started. Time to relax.
18:22:01.050 [info] Apache CouchDB has started on
18:22:01.050 [info] Application couch started on node
18:22:01.064 [info] Application rexi started on node 'couchdb@andwen-2.local
18:22:01.075 [error] Could not open file /opt/couchdb/var/lib/nodes.couch:
no such file or directory
18:22:01.075 [info] open_result error {not_found,no_db_file} for nodes
18:22:01.081 [info] needed 5.419 ms to open new nodes
18:22:01.100 [error] Could not open file /opt/couchdb/var/lib/dbs.couch: no
such file or directory
18:22:01.100 [info] Application mem3 started on node 'couchdb@andwen-2.local
18:22:01.100 [info] open_result error {not_found,no_db_file} for dbs
18:22:01.100 [info] Application fabric started on node
18:22:01.101 [error] Error in process <0.199.0> on node
'couchdb@andwen-2.local' with exit value:

18:22:01.106 [info] needed 5.706 ms to open new dbs
18:22:01.135 [info] Application chttpd started on node
18:22:01.135 [info] Application couch_replicator started on node
18:22:01.135 [info] Application ets_lru started on node
18:22:01.153 [info] Application ddoc_cache started on node
18:22:01.177 [info] Application runtime_tools started on node
18:22:01.177 [info] Application snappy started on node

So looking at localhost:5986 I received


   - couchdb: "Welcome",
   - uuid: "b8bc739cea165a5795e4adca8be5f894",
   - version: "6dcd33b"


And localhost:5986/_all_dbs/


   - "_replicator",
   - "_users",
   - "dbs",
   - "nodes"


Futon is not working at localhost:5986/_utils/

So far ...



Andy Wenk
Hamburg - Germany

GPG fingerprint: C044 8322 9E12 1483 4FEC 9452 B65D 6BE3 9ED3 9588

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