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From Sina Samavati <>
Subject Implementing a Protocol Buffers API for CouchDB
Date Sat, 17 May 2014 14:31:40 GMT

I'm thinking about an alternative API for accessing CouchDB when it's not
actually facing the web (as a data store for your application). Using couchdb in
backend has following drawbacks:

* HTTP overhead. 
* Sending JSON over HTTP adds more overhead to the system.
* Authorization per request has its own overhead.

What I am proposing is to write an additional binary API (I'm thinking about
something based on Protocol Buffers) for accessing Couchdb on
local host/network. I think regardless of choice of binary protocol what's
important is keeping TCP connection alive and sending/receiving as little as
possible amount of data through the connection.

I would be glad to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Sina Samavati

Sina Samavati
Software engineer

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