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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Comments on bylaws
Date Thu, 08 May 2014 05:52:20 GMT
Section 2:
  - Link the text "the Apache Way" instead of "a set of common principles."
  - "community should be *A* fun and rewarding place to be for everyone involved."

Section 3:
  - Is there an ASF link for their definition of "hat?" This might be confusing to a non-English
speaker. Even a glossary link - to explain that wearing a hat means playing a role, or acting
within the expectations of that role.
  - Possibly move the "hats" discussion to after you define all the different roles, I'm not
  - For the PMC Chair term, we should clarify whether consecutive means "more than 2 in a
row" (unlike the US President) and whether that is calendar year, fiscal year, etc.

Section 4: 
  - Link to a definition of lazy consensus provided by the ASF or another project if available.
  - Bold "silence is assent." This is a key thing people need to understanda bout lazy consensus.
  - You might want to include the entire content of the +1/0/-1/fractions section from the link. Your definitions are different thana those stated.
  - Explain who is allowed to veto - any user? Committer? PMC member? Is this on any PR? Any
line of code? Any email to dev@? user@? Can a crackpot come by and -1 the entire project with
an email to user@, requiring a vote for validity? ;) The definition of "change to code" is
too broad as it stands in this document. The table shows challenging a veto but not the veto
  - Section 4.6 put "ASF Board approval" so it's clear what board we're talking about

Recommend adding links once this is done in this document to the proposed Code of Conduct
and Diversity statements so that they have additional weight by being referenced by the bylaws.


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