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From ASF IRC Bot <>
Subject Summary of IRC Meeting in #couchdb-meeting
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2014 19:37:25 GMT
Summary of IRC Meeting in #couchdb-meeting at Wed Apr 23 19:02:19 2014:

Attendees: davisp, chewbranca, dch, Kxepal

- Preface
- 1.6 release
  - Link:
- bigcouch/rcouch merge status
  - Link:

IRC log follows:

## Preface ##
## 1.6 release ##
[Wed Apr 23 19:03:28 2014] <Kxepal>: 1.6 release is coming: voting for 1.6-rc3 is opened
[Wed Apr 23 19:04:01 2014] <Kxepal>: however, there were reported several unexpected
issues for testing with erlang R14BX
[Wed Apr 23 19:04:03 2014] <Kxepal>: #link
[Wed Apr 23 19:05:06 2014] <Kxepal>: any help with testing and diagnostic the issue
is welcome. note, that R15 and R16 are fine
[Wed Apr 23 19:06:18 2014] <dch>: Kxepal: I read through those (briefly) and didn’t
see anything that leaped out at me
[Wed Apr 23 19:07:00 2014] <Kxepal>: dch: it seems like another etap floating issues.
I just wonder how it could found plan for 27 tests when there are only 26 available
[Wed Apr 23 19:08:16 2014] <Kxepal>: as for garren's JS test suite failures, need to
conform them again
[Wed Apr 23 19:08:33 2014] <Kxepal>: I ran multiple times the test suite, but nothing
happened ):
## bigcouch/rcouch merge status ##
[Wed Apr 23 19:11:05 2014] <Kxepal>: ok, first rcouch. the recent call for testing gave
the progress
[Wed Apr 23 19:11:14 2014] <Kxepal>: #link
[Wed Apr 23 19:12:01 2014] <Kxepal>: with Joan, Andy and Nick's help windows build was
fixed like some other little bugs
[Wed Apr 23 19:12:36 2014] <Kxepal>: but still help with testing is required and welcome!
[Wed Apr 23 19:13:37 2014] <Kxepal>: personally, I'll try to pick it on nearest weekends.
Rcouch Saturday - sounds great! (:
[Wed Apr 23 19:14:52 2014] <Kxepal>: as for bigcouch work is active: chewbranca made
a large progress with mrview app, while rnewson handled couchdb-couch - the main repository
of new distributed design
[Wed Apr 23 19:15:34 2014] <chewbranca>: yeah I've got one item to fix up on the mrview
branches and then we can continue with the review process
[Wed Apr 23 19:15:41 2014] <chewbranca>: primary work for that is done 
[Wed Apr 23 19:16:55 2014] <Kxepal>: chewbranca: btw how could we help with testing
of these work?
[Wed Apr 23 19:17:43 2014] <Kxepal>: and not only with testing
[Wed Apr 23 19:18:56 2014] <chewbranca>: Kxepal: main thing right now is code review,
all the testing stuff isn't hooked into the makefile yet, I don't know if rnewson has been
running tests manually or what in the bigcouch branch
[Wed Apr 23 19:19:28 2014] <chewbranca>: after we get this merged into the bigcouch
branch, I think testing that branch as a whole will be the next big step
[Wed Apr 23 19:19:48 2014] <chewbranca>: I think views was the last big item of things
broken in the API
[Wed Apr 23 19:20:05 2014] <chewbranca>: although rnewson and davisp might have other
suggestions for testing
[Wed Apr 23 19:21:26 2014] <davisp>: There are other minor things broken as well. Hard
to say on the best method for testing the clustered stuff, but for merging I'm only worried
about the single node behavior which we have tests for
[Wed Apr 23 19:22:00 2014] <davisp>: remember that we're expecting to have merged and
then continue working before making a clustered release
[Wed Apr 23 19:22:42 2014] <Kxepal>: good notes, thanks
[Wed Apr 23 19:23:13 2014] <davisp>: np
[Wed Apr 23 19:23:20 2014] <Kxepal>: btw, davisp could help a bit to understand our
new multirepo design and how to work with it?
[Wed Apr 23 19:23:53 2014] <chewbranca>: Kxepal: when you run configure in the bigcouch
branch it will pull down all the repos for you
[Wed Apr 23 19:23:57 2014] <davisp>: Kxepal: Its rebar based. So first step is to make
sure you have a rebar binary on your path. Then a ./configure && make should be enough
[Wed Apr 23 19:24:28 2014] <davisp>: As chewbranca says, it'll pull down all the sub-repositories
into the deps/ directory. Once there then I just edit individual repos through that directory.
[Wed Apr 23 19:24:32 2014] <chewbranca>: and if you're using https for all your git
connections you can just jump into src/* and edit there directly as you would normally
[Wed Apr 23 19:25:02 2014] <davisp>: chewbranca: ASF only runs https git so that's automagical
[Wed Apr 23 19:25:15 2014] <chewbranca>: there we go ;-)
[Wed Apr 23 19:25:50 2014] <Kxepal>: davisp: I was actually mean how to split big couchdb.git
into single and run the merge (: rnewson had the issues with git merge subtree today about
[Wed Apr 23 19:26:06 2014] <Kxepal>: but these information is also useful, thanks (
chewbranca, you too)
[Wed Apr 23 19:28:31 2014] <Kxepal>: well, anyway, I'm going to collect all the stuff
about multirepo design, how it works and how working with it into wiki page. will start from
information on mailing lists and would ask for help later
[Wed Apr 23 19:28:41 2014] <davisp>: Kxepal: The gists y'all found were all I have on
that. Some of the source moves make that awfully complicated so I don't have any more advice
than "think real hard" at this point.
[Wed Apr 23 19:29:01 2014] <davisp>: Theoretically we only need to care about that during
this work and once everything is merged and settled its back to normalcy for a long time
[Wed Apr 23 19:29:20 2014] <davisp>: Kxepal: sounds like a plan. Feel free to ping with
any questions you have
[Wed Apr 23 19:29:31 2014] <Kxepal>: davisp: sure, thanks!
[Wed Apr 23 19:29:35 2014] <davisp>: np
[Wed Apr 23 19:29:44 2014] <Kxepal>: about gists: these ones: right?
[Wed Apr 23 19:37:11 2014] <Kxepal>: ASFBot: meeting end

Meeting ended at Wed Apr 23 19:37:11 2014

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