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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: [NOTICE] Create marketing@ lis (Was: Re: Marketing suggestion)
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2014 09:15:21 GMT
We came to an agreement on what "[NOTICE]" means in this thread:

The first paragraph in this thread was:

"This is a notice that I am going to assume lazy consensus on the
proposal to create a marketing@ list. If you have a formal objection
to raise, please do so now, and I will move this to a vote."

I am giving the project NOTICE of my intentions, and allowing a window
of time for people to object and block my work.

10 emails and 1961 words later, and I've still not received an actual objection.

If nobody objects, I will move forward.

Andy interprets this as "forcing", and I can see why it might look
like that without context. But I prefer to see it as efficient
decision making in the face of unresolvable differences of opinion.

We have a procedure for making decisions on the project. I am
following it. I've made my proposal. You can now object to it if you
like. It shouldn't need lengthy discussion.

"Filibustering" is not a section in our bylaws!

On 4 February 2014 09:59, Benoit Chesneau <> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 9:48 AM, Noah Slater <> wrote:
>> "Also no formal ask about this mailing-list has been done in its own
>> thread. Which I request."
>> This is it. I've already done that. We're on that thread.
> No you sent a notice about its creation. Which is a way different.
> - benoit

Noah Slater

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