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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Marketing suggestion
Date Sun, 02 Feb 2014 14:16:22 GMT

Wrt marketing plans: yes, but half way between my head, and my private
notes. Unfortunately, my private notes also contain things from
private conversations with people. Major mistake on my part. Apologies
to the community.

I've just sent an email giving a few people notice that I plan to
start moving things over to the wiki. Hopefully over the next week or
so I can get all of our existing marketing ideas in a communal space
so we can start to discuss it.

As for the marketing@ list: great. So what we'll do now is wait
another day or two. If nobody objects, we can make the list. (This is
how we make most of our decisions on the project.

A few of us have access to the Twitter feed. Perhaps it would be a
good idea if we share it out a bit more. Do you know of any tools that
make this sort of stuff easy? I've heard good things about HootSuite.
(But it costs?)

How do you connect a Twitter account to a Facebook page? The only
stuff I found was about linking Twitter to your main Facebook profile.

Not sure about the LinkedIn stuff. Don't use it enough to really know.
What do you recommend?

On 2 February 2014 04:56, Ashley Parkes <> wrote:
> Go Team!! Andy, thanks for adding me!
> Regarding the first open question: having a marketing@ list sounds like a great idea!
> Regarding marketing generally: I just read over the "How to spread the word about CouchDB"
thread - is there an established marketing plan, as far as what to make known about CouchDB
in 2014 and how to go about it? And if not what are your thoughts on developing one?
> Regarding social media: whoever maintains the Twitter feed, let me know if you want to
connect it to the Facebook page, or if anyone else should be added as a page manager. And
should we add a dedicated "company" LinkedIn page for CouchDB as well, or stick to the group
> Ashley

Noah Slater

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