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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Marketing suggestion
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2014 14:20:41 GMT
Moving this to dev.

Ashley, can you subscribe to dev? Marketing discussion should happen
on the dev list. (Though, I am open to the idea of creating a new list
for marketing discussion.)

Jens, most of the posts there seem very relevant to me. I don't see
the spam you see.

My membership has been pending for months. LinkedIn tells me that
Marouan OMEZZINE is the current manage. Anyone know who this is? I
just sent them a message and got: "You are no longer authorized to
message this member."

I have submitted a support request to LinkedIn now to become admin of that page.

Ashley, I'd love to have your help with this stuff!

Please feel free to go ahead and create the Facebook page. Once you
have done so, please add me as a manager as well. I will email you my
Facebook account privately.

Once you've done that, add yourself to the Marketing team here:

(You might need to sign up for the wiki and have your username added
to the contributor group. Let me know if you get stuck or need
assistance with that.)

On 24 January 2014 05:31, Ashley Parkes <> wrote:
> Sorry if I'm an accidental top poster- I researched the mailing list concept last night,
but I still don't know if I'm doing it right!
> Anyway, LinkedIn - you can create company pages as well as groups. Spotty updates definitely
look bad, but it's also better (IMO) to have a well-fleshed-out description page pointing
to the website than nothing at all. Same for Facebook. So if we do those for CouchDB, we can
then develop update strategies to be implemented when we know exactly what kind of content
we want to post and on what schedule.
> Also, LinkedIn now has a section for volunteer work! If y'all who have been contributing
for a long time wanted to list your CouchDB work there, this theoretical company page would
be linked to you, and anyone who's interested in what you do on the side is going to look
at that. Not exactly an aggressive marketing tactic, but it gets the name out there.
> Ashley
> Sent from my iPhone

Noah Slater

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