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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Fwd: [elixir-talk:2800] Sundown NIF library apart from ExDoc
Date Fri, 14 Feb 2014 15:37:51 GMT
No doubt of interest here too.

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From: Vincent Siliakus <>
Date: 14 February 2014 14:20
Subject: Re: [elixir-talk:2800] Sundown NIF library apart from ExDoc
Cc: Devin Torres <>,

For those interested, here's a follow-up after my initial dirty
scheduler experiments with the markdown library:

After posting a question on the erlang mailing list about some of the
new dirty scheduler functionality and getting a reply from the Steve
Vinoski, who actually implemented dirty schedulers in OTP 17.0, we
continued to have some discussion off list. Steve was kind enough to
have a look at my implementation and do some profiling. His
conclusions are that my implementation is fine and that the results
matches his expectations.

I also posted some results of a slightly updated version of the ring
benchmark that I described in a previous post of this mail list thread

You can see what dirty schedulers can do in the last test where large
documents are parsed and iex is started with only one scheduler. The
reason that the ring benchmark still performs well when dirty
schedulers are enabled is because even with only one scheduler, the
erlang run-time system still uses a separate OS thread for the dirty

The other tests show that the run-time system is actually pretty smart
in scheduling processes. Even with dirty schedulers disabled, the test
that parses large documents still performs quite good when using 2
normal schedulers, indicating that all or at least most ring benchmark
processes are scheduled on one core and the markdown parsing on
another. However, using dirty schedulers for long performing NIFs is
still advised when using multiple cores, because in a more complex
real world scenario, changes are that the normal schedulers will start
to behave badly when not used.

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