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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: splitting rcouch in multiple repo
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2014 03:51:38 GMT
> Apparently all repos are OK except the couch_mrview one . The tests
> 09- and 10- has disappeared from it. I am trying to see if i can
> create a new branch with them without losing the history.

Hard to say. I'll go back and try and compare logs to see where I went wrong.

> I didn't launched the tests yet. I have to check actually how you are
> launching the tests in the bigcouch branch now. Maybe I could revisit
> that in the branch to follow what you did. For myself I changed the
> test paths so i could launch them simply by using the prove command.

I've not got the etaps wired up just yet. BigCouch just had a large
prove command and disabled some that were weird. I'll have to do more
work to make sure that all of the current etaps run properly but I'm
not super worried about it right now.

On the other hand, the JS tests are executed by running: './dev/run --
test/javascript/run'. The './dev/run' script pulls up an entire three
node cluster as well for anyone wanting to play with that. As of now
the JS tests just run against the single node port on a node.

> About the tests I am wondering if we shouldn't move test/etap* and the
> util to the couch app in a test folder ....
> - beoit

+1 after the merge is over.

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