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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject rcouch merge: status
Date Sun, 16 Feb 2014 01:11:51 GMT
Hi all,

Quick status about the merge of rcouch in apache-coucdb. I am happy to
report that all the features from rcouch given to the Apache
Foundation have been merged in the 1994-merge-rcouch branch. Now it's
time to start the final merge with bigcouch :)

The following changes have been made since my last mail:

- All the couch application have been splitted in multiple
repositories. The release is now built from them.
- removed node_package from basho. Now the release is built with the
scripts in rel/files.
- Improved the build: a release tag can be passed to the make file and
will be displayed in the vendor version:

- fixed couch_collate: the static build is now working. I also moved
the unitest from the couch application to it. This application can be
used in any Erlang application.

- added the validate_doc_read feature:


- the rcouch optimisations have not been merged. Since they are quite
similar to the one in bigcouch, I prefer to wait and see how we can
mix them (if needed) with the optimisations of bigcouch.
- couch_stats have not been merged (though wasn't part of the gift).
This is a voluntary choice. The couch_stats application pushed by Paul
is quite more advanced and imo it's better to use that one.

All tests pass:

Don't hesitate anyway to report me any error that you can find. FYI, I
won't be able to handle them during until 2 weeks. I will off for some
studious vacations.


- benoit

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