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From Alexander Shorin <>
Subject couchdb-documentation: workflow in multirepo era
Date Wed, 05 Feb 2014 08:28:29 GMT
Hi devs!

I just extracted all sphinx-docs bits from couchdb.git to
couchdb-documentation.git and suddenly realized that I cannot just put
new Makefile there and run `make html` because:

1) Docs are uses project's VSN info and some other information bits
like project shortname (CouchDB) and fullname (Apache CouchDB).
2) I don't know what to do with the whitelist of files that should be
included in final distribution

If the second thing probably will be in the root repo (at least this
is looks reasonable) the first one make me worry about docs build

The naive solution looks pretty simple: don't build docs directly from
couchdb-documentation, just clone root repo and run `make docs` - this
magic command will fetch docs repo, pass onto VSN and name information
(for instance, via environ vars) and builds docs and it was expected.

On other hand there is no any problem with explicitly duplication of
such information since docs are already heavily bounded to the related
CouchDB release and before release we still have to create release
branch for this repo as like as for others.

or may be I miss something?


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