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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Plugin Registry (Was Summary of IRC meeting in #couchdb-meeting)
Date Sat, 04 Jan 2014 21:25:06 GMT

On 14 Nov 2013, at 17:33 , Brian Mitchell <> wrote:

>>>> # 4. plans for 1.6 release #
>>>> 19:15:31 [Kxepal]: btw. any plans for 1.6 release?
>>>> 19:15:46 [awenkhh]: when is 1.6 release scheduled for?
>>>> 19:15:46 [Kxepal]: one feature we have: stable Fauxton and replacement
>>>> Futon withit. any other goals?
>>>> 19:16:37 [Kxepal]: awenkhh: theoretically, there is release per one
>>>> month schedule, but practically month or two
>>>> 19:16:57 [Kxepal]: so it might be "holidays" release
>>>> 19:17:04 [awenkhh]: ;-)
>>>> 19:17:04 [Humbedooh]: a christmas couch :)
>>>> 19:17:18 [Kxepal]: yea!
>>>> 19:17:18 [Humbedooh]: Manger 1.6
>>>> 19:17:18 [nslater]: awenkhh: we should kick it off in one month
>>>> 19:17:25 [nslater]: but completing it may take longer because hols
>>>> 19:17:34 [jan____]: I’d like to work more on plugins and get the node
>>>> query server improved
>>> Should have this somewhere here:
>>>> 19:22:46 [strmpnk]: jan____: any milestones for that in mind or just
>>>> general progress?
>>> I do think we should make sure experimental code doesn’t dwindle in the tree,
not that these new additions are at all old. Having some intermediate milestones before we
make these things stable would be interesting.
>>> For the plugins, it’d be good to have some contributed plugins users can easily
activate to test the system.
>> I agree, src/couch_plugins/ has a quasi roadmap that I want to work
>> towards. The only edit for now would be that I’d like a registry that can be
>> update independently from CouchDB releases. Would you be interested in helping
>> out with that? Or anything else around plugins?
> I'm definitely interested to hear more. I'd love to help out with
> getting a common place for contributed couchdb things to be indexed
> and published. Plugins seem like an ideal testing ground. How do you
> imagine a plugin registry working?

I’ve filed a JIRA issue here:

(and more for plugins at

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